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>LOTD3: Rainy days and Mondays

28 Mar


I love rain.. rainy days make me so happy… Even if i think of sad songs.. And spring love.. I also think of cute rain boots.. And curling up with my blanket on the chair watching the window as the rain streaks.. Today thats what this was.. Rainy Days and Mondays.. Also a carpenter song.. But I added a song at the end… Cause I liked it and thought it was nice. The skin i am wearing is Jesylilo’s New Gum in Light I love this soft skin the rosy cheeks and the lips are so cute! I love it so much this a yummy Skin.. Enjoy the pics.. and let me mention. as with all LOTD its done by Mystic.. SO the quality is not amazing lol but I get excited and want to show the pictures!

Me from Head to toe
Hair: [e] Vivid Black 02
Skin: jesylilo new Gum in Lightskin
Eyes: Sapphire by Linc
Glasses Mons Optik Colorful in Yellow
Tattoo: Je’Taime by Damned
Gum: Pink Fuel Yum BubbleGum!
Necklace: Concrete Flowers: Punarind Necklace
Dress: Painted FLower by Tiny Bird
Bracelets: Erratic twisted bracelets
Nails BJ Nail-Palette (Marketplace)
Leggings: Atooly Gatcha Leggings #4
Boots: Puddle Stompers in Old School

Poses by HelaMiyo


>LOTD2: Lost in the Big Apple

24 Mar

>I always wanted to be a New Yorker, hail a cab, Mace someone in the face.. Grab a hot dog on a corner.. Shop shop shop.. The other day I headed to New York and had some fun. SO much fun i fell asleep in my new dress on a dirty park Bench.. But it was all fun! Even the mugging.. Enjoy the photos. On Location in New York. (all editing done by Mystic so excuse the poor photos. I hope you enjoy)

Skin: Al Vulo Lalli in Sunkissed
Hair: Dernier Cri Holly in Black
Dress: LaViere Spring Dress in Black
Heels: Ingenue Paquerette in Noir
Handbag: SS Underarm bag (black)
Ears Acide ❤ Human Ears 
Cardigan: Tres Blah Striped Cardigan in Black
Necklace: W&B Love is a Deserter in Black


22 Mar

>I dont know about you guys but its starting to warm up around here.  Finally after a long horrible winter, a breath of fresh air.  I’m lovin the sunshine and cool breezes, which inspired this look.  Its quite a simple look, both colorfull and sexy.  I really loved it and I think you will too.

Hair: Truth
Skin: Lara Hurley
Make Up: Glamorize
Tattoo:  Para Designs
Shirt/dress: Slut’s Brothel
Shorts: Doppelganger
Shoes: Urban Bunker Unit
Bracelets:  LacieCake

>LOTD1 School is In!

21 Mar


This is my very first LOTD. It wont Happen everyday.. But more often then Not! I have the stores Listed and will update the links ASAP! This was on Location shot at the CrackDen’s University. Not our normal Awesome Photos Hannah does. Simply done by Mystic who is not Photoshop Awesome! But I hope you enjoy the look and my Photos!
Model and Photographer Mystic Shilling

School GIrl 2 Blazer Sweetest Goodbye
Skin Illusory Paige Tan Winter A4
Sock: League Ella stockings with Garter
Glasses: Hype V3 Nerd Glasses
Hair: Vive9 Fredja in Brisk
Boots: Miel Far Boots
Lashes: Feather Lashes by  Onyx Wear 
Model and Photographer Mystic Shilling
I went to Sweetest GoodBye and fell in love with this hot little school girl outfit.. Needless to say I had to rock it today. I matched it up with some glasses from Hype. My fav thigh high garter socks from League and some shit kicker boots from Miel! This look was actually really easy to put together It was already an awesome outfit from SG just toss on some accessories and go!

>Mystic goes Gidget?

17 Mar


I am a fan of classic movies, the beach, surfing and anything to do with shopping.. I just remodeled my beach and fell in love with the vintage feel and This look is semi inspired by that look.. I went from Day to Night trying hard to keep the same theme! Also the first outfit is my take on what was in the Fashion House Magazine. I just switched up a bit and then I just fell down a Yacht Club Theme I really do hope you enjoy!

Here is what I am wearing
Look 1 Is the day time Chic 
Striped Cardigan from Tres Blah
Mia Shorts from Phoenix Rising
Aitui Stretched Elven Ears 
Mons Pearl Necklace Wenna Blue
Hair Clawtooth “Beg Your Pardon” Coffee
Skin JesyLilo jojo Tan
Shoes Pichi Lace Ballerina
Legwarmers  Gawk White Wool
Nails BJ Nail Palette in Skyblue (marketplace)
CDY Hairband in White Rose (Marketplace)
Makeup: BelBalls Cheetah Liner (discontinued)
Tank top Jane’s Intrinsic in Cream
Shirt L’Elite Lace/Top Sweater and Pants (Fashion House)
I decided to go to the beach later that day.. Meaning the yard outside my quaint little beach house. This look is so cute!
The Cute bikini i got at TFG  Mushie’s Saylor Girl
The Cute Sandals ar from Addictia
Skin is Jesylilo Jojo in Tan
Hair is Hilton by Raw House
Glasses are Optik in Aqua by Mons
Later that night i went and hunt out with my bestie Bo’Nana and I had to keep the theme going cause well it made me happy.. Cardigan came back on and a great little dress from MOn Tissu
Dress Mon Tissu Party Dress in Polka Dot
Caridgan Tres Blah
Gos Espadrilles in White
Hair is UMA by Matrieya 
Glasses are Optic in Red by Mons 
There was my Day and Night at the Beach I hope You all enjoyed the Looks!


15 Mar

>My friends rag on me all the time for dressing like a boy. Well I think it can be very sexy if done right.  I like to the tomboy look but it helps to accessorize. In this look I paired it with some nice earrings, bangles and a pearl necklace.  Some girly touches go a long way.  This look is great just hanging out or a night of clubbing, you will definitely get noticed. I’ve had alot of compliments on this outfit, which is why I decided to feature it this week.


  I wanted to also thank all my friends for the great response and compliments on our blog. We have had lots of fun so far doing it. We would love to hear from you guys, so feel free to send in your ideas or questions. Love you all ❤

Hannah Lacombe  aka Hannah Bo’Nana

>Post Apocalyptic Pin Up

14 Mar

>When the world ends.. What will our fashions be? I have no idea.. But I can imagine.. We will sill have great fashion.. Hannah and I were inspired this week by some great looks from Leezu and felt the need to glam ourselves up for the future.. I like to think of us as Post Apocalyptic Pin-Ups

These items are all great separate and casual.. The dress I am wearing with a pair of heels would be amazing with its asymmetrical design. The jacket Hannah is sporting with a pair of jeans and some pumps or boots would look great just wandering the Grid.

But with so many Sims dedicated to the future.. Why not slip this on..and Join them? Enjoy the Pictures  I know we enjoyed creating them and bringing them to you!

-Mystic is Wearing-
Dress Natascha  by LeeZu
Hair is Tijana Rawhouse in Chalk
Feather Lashes and Flick Nails By Onyx Wear
Earrings and Bracelets from Fusion
Skin -Mary Light – Free gift from March Glam Affair
Spooky Eyes, Face Make up “Tell me a Story” , “Cyborg II” Body tattoo and  Necklace all from  Little Pricks Skin Deep
Dare Booties from GOS
Cigarette from Hermony
Fishnets from Crickets

Look Featured on Hannah
Hair ploom seffy black
Feather lashes ffromOnyx Wear
Bombard eyeshadow
Erratic sequin hot pants
JH black pearl necklace
Skin Claire By Lara Hurley Pale Smokey Makeup
Leezu Margo Jacket
Tattoo  Punk Century By  Garden of Ku
Earrings Violet Voltaire Melancholy Earring
Boots   VC Designs Combat Boots

 We decided to do our first Model Collaboration! We went to a sim not to be named because well they didn’t like us there for the 10 min we visited their sim. But it doesn’t matter they were amazingly beautiful.. And I am happy for what they looked like and how they came out! We did some changes for this look I will list the changes here.

-Posture Collar from Bubble
-Survival Gas Mask  from The Abyss
-Tijana in Jet
-Xtreme Facial Piercing from Bubble
And I removed the Flexi Skirt so it was just a short with this look. I really liked that!

Hannah is also wearing a Mask from Bubble!