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>Such a Lazy Thursday!

20 Apr


Sorry for such a short post today! So many things going on lately. I promise to be better next week!

Top Ey:No Sweet Spring Top
Shorts: TB Denim Cutoff Shorts
Boots Coco Leather&Canvas Flat Boots Cream (TDR)
Tattoo: Sourries Chara Femme
Hair Magicka Sophie B&W Pack
Skin Curio Pout
Glasses: Hype Nerd Glasses
Mouth Attatchment EyNo FreeGift

>A Lazy Sunday.. Panda Style

18 Apr

>This might be suprising.. But a nickname i have had for months is Panda..Probably because my favorite thing to say is “Awww.. I am a Sad Panda” This being said my friend and co blogger Bo’Nana made me up a shirt that has a cute little Panda on it! I loves this shirt soo much! TY Bo Nana For my shirt.. She has great shirts guys this one is not for sale as its only for me! But you can check out her shirts on the Marketplace HERE! She also does Textures! More shirts to come I am sure! I do believe she takes special requests customs.. SO anyway onto the fashion!

Lazy Panda Day
Top A Special Shirt from Pixelate
Skirt Ninko Plaid
Flats: Friday Basic Black Flats
Hair Mylie From Truth
Tattoo Yayo Cutie
Sunflower Nails EyNo

>Been a Bad Bad Girl!

15 Apr


The Nails are from one of my favorite stores! Onyx Wear. I got hooked with the PacMan nails and have made a mission to own every nail that they create! I got lucky when I got to demo these awesome badboys.. I love the rings and the bracelets that come with it. the flick of sparkle and glitter at the tips make it even more sexy. I always feel like a bad bad girl when i rock these nails. And then adding them with the hat from Friday.. My elf ears.. I am a bad bad Elf.. 

Hair : Victoria by Friday
Skin Renzie Tan Al Vulo ( new!)
Tattoo Actchio: Dolly Birds
Ears Gauged Elven Ear
Lashes Onyx Feather Lashes
Jeans Cynful Modest Skinny Jeans Low Rise Red
Shoes Sandy in Black by Pixel Mode
Jacket Toxic Kitty  Vixen Cropped Leather Jacket
Underwear Onyx Wear Access Denied in Black (not yet Released)
Nails Anti-FLick by Onyxwear (Coming soon!)
Mouth Attatchment Diamond in Mouth by Slut!
Enjoy Fiona Apple: Criminal

>Music Saved My Life

13 Apr

>Hey guys its been a while since I’ve posted and its good to be back!  Music has always been my passion and my best friend; it never lets you down.  When I came across the DeJaine hair at Cobrahive this past week, I was in love. I found it just in time for me and Mystic’s house warming party for our new place, which I was Djing for.  It inspired this look which I loved, I wore it for like 3 days xD.  I felt very smexy in it and ready to rock!  Our party turned out great, and a big thank you to all that came out.  Well here is the look guys hope you enjoy!

Love and Hugs to ya all  ❤   Hannah Bo’Nana  (Hannah Lacombe)

Photography by: Hannah Lacombe; Poses Oracle

Well here are the goods on the outfit, be sure to check out these great stores!

HAIR: Cobrahive
NECKLACE: Rozoregalia
SKIN: Curio

>Music is my Boyfriend

12 Apr

>Its been a while since I have blogged.. And I am sorry! This week I hope to bring 5 all different looks for you guys from My Vintage party dresses to some more grunge stuff.. Lets start it off wit the bang

In life I have played the violin since middle school.. I so wont say how long ago that was! But at the Pose fair this year. I saw something that I had to absolutely needed to add to my happiness.. The Violin Poses from Baffle! I hav the desire to pull out my violin and take a go at it.. But I will just save that for In my imagination..
Enjoy the photo!

Dress LaViere Spring Dress ( Red Floral)
Boots Kao‘s Suede Fringe Boots
Violin and Poses Baffle
Earrings Shade Throne
Skin Glam Affair Sakura TDR 27

>Mystic the Broken Hearted Gypsy

5 Apr

>I have wanted to be a gypsy since i was a little girl listening to Stevie Nicks singing Gypsy.. And thankfully I was able to fulfill that goal even it was just for a little bit. I can always look back at this.. and see the awesomeness of the day.. I will tell you that I have a wishlist the size of Texas.. And it doesn’t ever shrink only grow.. And Jesylilo Cat Skin and the Gypsy Tattoo have been high on my list for a LONG time.. And i am happy to say that I finally  have it in my “Favorite Inventory” spot  and i hope you all go out get it and become a gypsy even if its only for a few minutes..

What I am wearing

Skin Jesylilo Cat J1 in Tan
Tattoo is Gypsy Tatoface EyeLiner Only from Jesylilo
Hair Letluka Scarab Hair
Lashes: Label Mode Thick Lashes
Tank Top: Pig Plain Olivia
Jacket: Mon Tissu Porter Jean Jacket in Used
Necklace: Concrete Flowers Punarind Necklace
Face Piercing: Kowp Indulgence
Feet Coin Anklet
Neck Tattoo is “Je T’aime” Damned
Nails BJ Palette Black

Look 2
TB Mexican Peasant Dress in Aqua
Hair Maitreya Nadja
Eyelashes Label Mode Thik lashes
Flower is Clawtooth Flower Power in Festive Blue

Enjoy Gypsy By Shakira

>Mystic Goes Rogue

2 Apr


Always a pretty girl.. But some days.. A pretty girl has to go rogue and take some names, kick some ass.. I get tired of having to try to defend my rep.. So i took matters and a .45 into my own hands.. 
  A liquor store, cleaners, and a check cashing place.. I cleaned them out hid the money and my last hurrah.. a bakery known for its ties with the Grid Mob I got caught and after a shootout in the barrens of the Grid.. I thought I got away.. 
But.. it turns out my guy on the inside.. Wasnt my guy.. he was working with the feds.. And he booked a bish.. LOL. But no matter.. I looked great.. Had a blast Look below for the What I wore.. I hope as always you enjoyed the pictures! Model Mystic Shilling. Photographer and Editor Hannah Lacombe~

Me from Head to toe
Skin: Curio Pout Pure 2 in Sundust [Dark] 
Hair: 99Hair Clara in B1
HairBase and Makeup: Damned Tribal 
Eyelashes: Glow Bohemian Drama (TDR)
Piercing: H.O.D The Crow’s Crux Razor (feather) 
Ears: Gauged Stretched Human Ears
Eyes Perception Autumno 6-2 

Jacket: Toxic Kitty Vixen Cropped Leather Jacket
Shirt: COG Design Naughty Top in Dirty White 
Top Tattoo and Glove Layer: Wicked Kat’s Ink Tattoo 
Lower Tattoo Kaotik Kreations Bone Guns Lower 1 
Belt: Hermony: LuckyDeath belt (black) 
Pants: Amerie Harem Pants Black ) Mens 
Sock: League Off White Gartered
Boots: Coco EngineerBoots 
Embody Prop Gun 
Poses are Exposeur Pew Pew Pack