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Around The World: Dubai

30 Jul

Dear Hannah,

After hanging out in the Caribbean  sitting in the hotel room.. I saw Sex in the City 2..And omg those ladies.. One have great fashion sense.. And two great travel sense! They went to Dubai.. And I felt like I should have my own  mini Sex in the City moment.. And I headed over to Dubai.. Well getting in trouble day 1 for wearing skimpy items.. I decided it was best to find something more approriate for the land. And picked up this great skirt and shirt. I hope it looks alright! First stop was Sunset on the Dubai Beach. Anyway no time for more chit chat today.. I am sending a postcard!

❤ MystiCakes

Ok I am so excited to tell you about this skin from JesyLilo.. I have always been a huge fan of their skins.. And this Arabian Skin is beautiful. One of my favorites from the creator. The details she put into the skin are amazing. I love the thick and dark  brow, the small details of the moles on the skin.  The soft hint of make up on the eyes and the eyeliner make it all the better! It comes in Several tones they are all great. The one I am wearing for today is the Light tone.  Here let me show you a close up on the face. As always there is no photoshop done to the photo. I used a brighter Windlight then I usually use for this photo to show it off. But with any skin you have to find the light and shadows that work best for you skin and shape. There are tons of great tutorials out there. One of which is at my favorite blogger sites. Check Here! I am sure there are other good ones out there.  And as always there are a few more photos on my Flickr for todays Photos and any past looks I feature! If you have questions or comments Leave them below or IM me in world!

Ok now.. What I am wearing!

Skin: Jesylilo Arabian *NEW*

Hair: Maitreya Scarf Hair

blouse: Boyfriend Shirt Maitreya

Skirt: Sassy Kitten Willow Skirt

Jewelry: League Wanderer in Black

Eyelashes: Clean Glow thick x2


LOTD: Angel of Death

29 Jul

I am sooo excited to show off this look today. I get over the moon about this look! With Sweetest Goodbye closing their doors The end of August. I have made sure to go down and pick up as many items as my little Linden wallet could. If you have not been to this little store.. Go NOW! 50% off for such great items.. And a wide variety of looks available! This is my Angel of Death look! I had a small issue with the outfit as you all know I have a big ass and what not.. So the belt and leg piece didnt originally fit. I was able to add a script in to resize it for better fit. Ok so onto the look! The song for today.. is a new one by a favorite group of mine. Paramore Monster! For More pictures as always Please check my Flickr! Love you all ❤ MystiCakes

Angel of Death

Skin: AL Vulo
Hair: Lelutka
Tattoos and Spinal Tap: Little Pricks *NEW*
Outfit And Wings: Sweetest Goodbye
Demon Legs: Epic Faun Demon Legs *NEW*
Claws: Onyx Wear
Horns: Illusory

LOTD: More goodies from FLF

29 Jul

Soo everyone knows about fifty linden fridays unless they live under a rock! I love getting my list the night before in hopes that some stores released early so I can grab goodies! Today there was so many goodies! All the stores on the NC were filled with great items. I was able to get something from every store! I love those days. SOO todays look is FLF goodies and also a free gift. This Look is pretty easy and for the entire look 250L Thats From Hair to Boots! If you are not apart of the Group Join it.. Go to any of the stores Click the FLF sign and jump on board. I know limited Group Space kills us all. But there are a few groups I think are worth the Tag and FLF is one of them!  OOO and the poses from today are Coquette from Olive Juice this store is Great! I have a big booty and thighs and some poses are difficult for me.. But Olive Juice has a few options in this pack that are marked Curvy.. And they fit wonderfully! Enjoy the Look.. Make sure you Check out my Flickr for more photos of the look! Todays Song is Ellie Goulding Starry Eyed! ❤ MystiCakes
FLF 7-29

Skin: AMD Gigi *NEW*

Hair: [E] FLF

Shirt: TB FLF

Shorts: Grixdale (Truth District Freebie)

Handbag & Boots: Kookie FLF

Jewelry: League FLF

Piercing: Pekka *NEW*

Poses: Olive Juice Coquette

LOTD: All of the Lights

28 Jul

Hey hey.. I had a great day in RL.. And wasnt expecting to be on today to do a pic, But last night I had been playing with some looks and was able to use that for todays look! This tank is New from ICandy! This is a great new store that opened up a bit ago. Great Items this tank is new. It comes in a bunch of colors you get 3 styles for 110L for a color. I am rockin Aqua Shredded for this look!  This tat is new from Glue Ink! The sleeves are pretty sexy and I love the print going over my boobs! Ok.. So my legs if you look Close I have two different Legs.. I was excited to rock it! they are both from Actchio. I will find a LM for the store and add it in down at the bottom! My Skirt is from Whore. I love that store my only problem is.. Well there is no coochie covers in their skirts and dresses! I do enjoy covering up my bits! So I improvised and still kept it cute with a pair of Undies from Glue Ink! So keep it in mind when going to Whore that there are no panties! Today I am rockin to All of the Lights. And its a cover by this awesome girl on Youtube Karmin.. She has a bunch of goodies. Anyway Enjoy the Look and the song! Ohh and the sim I am on is a RP sim Called Dead End. Its a great Urban Sim. But girls be careful.. Especially if your wearing no panties! LoLs its a Kidnap Sim!

I played around with Filters for the pics. Check out my Flickr.  For more photos!

❤ MystiCakes

Skin AlVulo

Hair Truth

Top: icandy *NEW*

Skirt: Whore

Undies: Glue Ink

Shoes: Maitreya

Piercings Pekka Monroe *NEW*

Sleeves: Glue Ink *NEW*

Leg Tattoos: Actchio

Poses: Actchio

Plugs: Pepper “Lily”

Lashes: Glow “Clean 04”

LOTD: Hunt Freebies!

27 Jul

Sooo I am on a Mission to bring you guys some deals! Summer means that in RL we have alot going on money wise and could use the Linden Break in SL! Thankfully there are so many Hunts going on.. We can have that little bit of a break! Granted there is always things to spend our Lindens on But its nice to do a combo of Freebies and other Goodies..  So this quick look is this uber cute bikini from FTLO! What I love about this Gift is that you get the bikini, Lipgloss and the Pose all in the package. The Skin in this look is Mother Goose! I have seen this Creator a few time sin different blogs. And I have never been tot he store. But going there for the Poupee Hunt. ( will be showing some looks from that tomorrow) I came across it. I found a couple 1L skins and quite a bit of Lucky Boards!  The Hair is New From Lamb. Enjoy the Look! More Details on the Hunt  Here! And..Starting Point  Go Now and Start the Journey! Hunt goes until August 18th! Happy Hunting ❤ MystiCakes

LOTD: Casual Wendesday

27 Jul

I have so much I cant wait to show you guys over the next couple days! I am doing/done 2 more hunts and have plans for at least 1 more this week. So I plan on showing you a few great FREE Looks! YAY for Free. So Stay tuned for those! Now todays Look.. Is a bit casual. But you can dress up with a sheer tank or just a bra beneath the jacket! This jacket was great! Its new from Vive9. I loved that it was no editing needed for it to fit. Being rather short and a bit less busty then most girls in SL. I usually have to edit things alot on the top to fit. And having a big ass and thighs.. Skirt and dress editing can be a bit tricky. But with this jacket. Nothing was needed! Fit great and the textures are amazingly well done. Its a great Jacket for Summer/Fall and Winter. Pairing it up with a turtle neck and a scarf for those winter months. When it comes to my SL closet I think about it the same way i do my RL Closet. Can I use this item all year long? A 300L jacket will go in my Inventory if I can. Anyway I am rambling.. Enjoy todays Look Ohh the song for the day.. Its been a while since I posted one up. But I got a good one today. Its Valerie by Amy Winehouse.. I hope you enjoy the song and the Look!

Skin: Vive9

Hair: Truth *New*

Jacket: Vive9 *NEW*

Tank: Linc

Jeans: Admiral Spicy

Shoes: PM

Gloves: Glue Ink

Necklace: Pepper *NEW*

Face Piercing: Anna (GSP #2)

Tattoo: Glue ink


Location: tableau

LOTD:Season’s Hunt Part Deaux

26 Jul

SOOOO.. I posted a cute dress Aria  From PaperDoll, a few days ago from the season’s Hunt and thought to show you guys more of the goodies that can be had! I used the Top half of the Dress from Vive9 And those cute shorts that are all over the feeds from The Secret Store! Some awesome hair from RawHouse and some cute flats From Deco!  Here is the Link To the Hunt’s Website so you guys can check out the Stores Listed! Its easier to put the link rather then the Stores I went to. Join the group if you get stuck! Or IM me.. Maybe not me.. I suck at Hunts..But if you guys want to see more Hunts in the future MSG me! ❤ MystiCakes

Hunt Items:

Top: Vive9 Wrap Dress

Shorts: The Secret Store

Shoes: Deco

Hair: RawHouse

Non Hunt Items:

Skin: Al Vulo Pollon in Fairy *New*

Necklace: Pepper *NEW*

Poses from !Bang and DFO