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Bliss and Finn’s Hogwarts Experince!

28 Aug

***This is a Huge Post so bear with me!***

So earlier this week I did a small teaser for this post.. As we all know from following some of our favorite blogs and feeds. Hogwarts: Your Story is a huge endevour that so many are apart of. As avid roleplayers my honey and I jumped on the bandwagon.. My character is Bliss Hart a 1st Year Hufflepuff Witch and his is Finn Alexander a 1st year Hufflepuff Wizard! We are so excited to be able to do this together! With a dress code for school so many girls and boys will be rocking similar looks dont get upset if you see the same skirt or sweater on someone else! You can always accessorize with hairbows, earrings, nails, socks and tights! Dont go crazy on the colored of tights.. But house colors might be an option. There are some great stores out there that you can pick up something that isnt to wild but will make you stand out just a bit! Make sure you Check FLICKR! There are so many awesome photos of uniforms! If you are worried about the length of a skirt  check to see. There is also the option of modification of a skirt to get it to fit better. I chose tights for some that I didnt think quite hit the length line.

I do know that they are working on free uniforms. So you have that option but so many stores are working on uniforms that you are able to pick up a great outfit for under 200 Lindens! Male options for uniforms are not quite as plentiful. But pairing up a white button down, black trousers and a tie. There are 10L and under badges you can pick up!

Wands are also finding themselves flooding the Marketplace your able to get some custom ones! My hubby made mine and I  ❤ it! there are so many options for them. But make sure its not heavily scripted as classrooms maybe very full and too many scripts will lag them up just a bit! At the bottom I will make sure to add some LandMarks and Marketplace items for Places to get Wands, Badges and uniform bits and pieces to help guide you the best way I can!

The sim HYS isnt fully finished. But what is done Is simply amazing. They were open for this week’s fair you got to go around to the rooms, the common rooms, courtyard and so many other rooms we cant wait to see when the Sim opens! We will also be doing a secondary blog.. For fun, Where we will be doing a Letters Home, Journal/Diary entries. Full of pictures and goodies! Look for that coming soon! I hope it goes well!  Alright on to some looks!  There will be more looks for boys this week! Skin from all the looks is Mynerva Plain Jane and all the hair is from Elikatria Blonde 02 and also.. there is a Mole from Pekka!  The poses from this blog post were made possible by Hopscotch and Boom, Keep your eyes Peeled for a few more looks covering, Robes, Capes, Boys gear and wands! alot to cover but hopefully I get to it this week!

HogwartsLooks1Look 1

Jacket: Oyakin Skirt, Mon Tissu Gauzy Skirt , Scarf: Hanamachi, Boots: Mon Tissu Providence Boots , Tights: Tres Blah, Tie Boom, Suitcases: The Kid Company (Free), Lemondrop Shoppe,  Hair Elikatria

Look 2

Hair: Eliktaria, Skirt: Mon tissu highland Skirt, Jacket: Doppleganger, Shirt: YumYum, Tights: Izzie’s Argyle Socks, Socks: Oyakin Charcoal Socks, Shoes: H.E.D Basic Flats in Charcoal, Tie: Schadenfraude, You Know Who Tie Glasses: Madeline Moose Glasses ( from a Pose Set), Wand Custom from Ayasano Serpente

Look 3:

Outfit: Hanamachi Badger Uniform, Socks: Doppleganger Badger Socks, Pygmy Ohmai Emporium A gift from Sasy from, Shoes: Miel Varsity Kicks in Nautral, Hair  Elikatria, Nails Rezlpsa Black and Yellow

Look 4:

Jacket: Mon Tissu, Sweater: Doppleganger Badger sweater, Shirt Lemondrop Shoppe, Pants: Fir & Mina Tuxedo Pants, Scarf: League, Shoes: Miel Varsity Kicks, Socks Doppleganger Badger socks, Broom and Pose Hopscotch: Badge on Chest CW&S Free, Hair:  Elikatri

Look 5:

Jacket: [NSD] Playboy Blazer, Shirt: Schadenfreude Sterling Oxford Shirt,  Trousers: [W&B] Boyd Dress Trousers, Satchel: *FIR & MNA* The Curragh Satchel, Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Ashford Brogues, Tie: Schadenfreude You-Know-Who Necktie, Shoulder Pet: Ohmai Emporium – Pygmy Puff, Hair: **Dura-Boy**19, Skin: the body co. Hunter




the body co.






Lemondrop Shoppe




Mon Tissu

Tres Blah






27 Aug

Mystic and Aya.. Starring In.. Faun PD! 

FaunPD2Soo.. We were so playing around last night and this was the product.. I have to give a big huge thumbs up to Danni at Pepper for this belt.. because that was the total inspiration of the play and the blog post today.. Faun PD.. its always fun to put together new looks and use things we already have in the inventory. These awesome Garter legs are from Epic and were a new release a few weeks ago. Truth had new hair! I am a huge fan of hair. I love to try new styles and colors on a regular basis. And truth is always a favorite! I think the new styles are super cute and sweet. Sooo enjoy todays look. And also a quick little thing. I am rocking a new skin today its Anie by Filthy. Its so cute comes with alot of make up choices and Freckles or Non Freckles. In lots of yummy tones! I joined the group for 199L and got 50% off the cost of the skins. So a overall saving of 700L pretty nice deal But i do believe its only for the first 2 days of release? I am not 100% sure so if you know different leave a comment below!

For More photos Please check out the Flickr!

Faun PD

On Mystic

Skin: Anie @ Filthy *NEW*
Hair Tasmine New at Truth
Tattoo Hoo Dear New @ Urco
Najeyo Action Cosmetic Liners
Outfit AMD: Tess
Skirt: SD Plaid Tutu (Marketplace)
Ears: Spirale New @ Pepper
Hooves: Epic Garter Socks Classic
Pepper Bullet Belt *NEW*

On Aya

Hair: Angel – Vincent_ for GSP
Hairbase: Hype – Jet Black Hairbase
Skin: -Sorry.Asia- KYLE
Faun Legs: .ILLUSORY. Goat_Basic

Shorts: [ JP ]:dsg. Jeans – Tramper
Glasses: ***Arisaris Glasses Colors and Flowers
Underwear: <<AT>> design Men underwear

LOTD: Fab Friday

26 Aug

Sooo Todays looks super fast and soo simple and smexy! I love this dress from Paperdoll! The pattern with that red belt! Priceless.. The only thing I wish i did differently.. Red heels! But I cant take off these Etoile from Ncore! I wont say Much today I am on my way out for some stuff at my sons school! But i wanted to show you Something exciting! Oh Before I go.. This skin is from a new Maker. Rehab! You get a great skin for only 399L it has 4 skins, eyebrow shaper, shape and eyes!  I am rocking Pale Shelbie in style 1. Which I love cause it is so simple  and I can add more makeup if I choose. Todays Song.. Is Gwen Stefani Luxurious .. I love her! ❤ MystiCakes

my fab friday

Skin: Rehab *NEW*

Hair: Lelutka:

Lashes: AMD

Earrings: Pepper: Spirals  *NEW*

Necklace: Pepper *NEW*

Shoes: NCore *NEW*

Dress Paperdoll

LOTD: Hello World

25 Aug

Ok First thing first.. I met so many awesome people this week.. I was going to do a separate post But I will mention one here.. I met the Ms.Sasy of Last night while i was bumming around at Hogwarts! She even gave me a present.. You will see it tomorrow.. I asked her to be my mum.. but she kills Cactus.. So i dont think it will work out.. But She is pretty awesome and down to earth and I was honored to meet her! Sooo Hi Sasy! My redhead friend says Hi too!

Soo.. I was able to take a break from Hogwarts Your Story and become a grown up again! YAY.. With yummy newness to be had i am soo excited.. I am in love with these jeans. They are new from Glue Ink. Well they are kinda new they came out last week But they are fantastic! Make sure you go and pick up a pair they will make your booty look fabulous! My ears are the new Spiral Elf ears from Pepper. I am sorry this week i am a wreck So the color might not be 100% Matching.. Forgive me Danni for not doing your work the Justice! I promise to blog it again later this weekend and showing them off with more love! Ncore is up to their old tricks and released some amazingly sexy shoes! I am a girl on a budget this past week so wasnt able to pick up the fat pack. So i went for just a pair of black. But they are so beautiful they were a great splurge! Keeping in Mind the splurge i had to be a bit careful with the rest of my outfit! Sooo off to discount stores! At Fashionably late this round is Rozena.. With this beautiful Skin. I picked the Milky at 250L I thought it was good. Its a great skin so go and demo and see if you like it! GSP Round 4 part 2 is in session a few things to be had! I picked up the Delicious belt. At TDR there was Emery. I love these cropped sweaters easy to wear no adjustment needed just what I need. And the Lace  Heart.. Simply awesome! My hair is a free gift from Love. in the Please make this in SL group! If you are unaware of this group.. You need to find it and join and find them on flickr here Soo onto the picture! There will be more photos on the Flickr!

Hello World
Skin: Rozena “Fashionably Late”

Hair: Love Navijo

Piercing: Pekka

Ears: Pepper *NEW*

Shirt: Emery TDR

Jeans: Glue Ink *NEW*

Shoes: NCore *NEW*

Tattoo: Glue Ink

Belt: Delicious GSP

Hogwarts: Your Story Teaser!

23 Aug

I am sure you are all aware of the new Harry Potter Sim opening up here in a few weeks.. And my love for roleplaying.. Well they have both collided! Aya and I have jumped right in! I am playing a 1st Year Student and i LOVE her! This is a sneak at a post I will be doing later this week!

LOTD: Subway Misery

22 Aug

Sooo Another Challenge from my Gravy Boat…

Subway Misery

.Was a Nerdy Punk look.. I am now 100% Sure if I was able to totally fulfill the Challenge with todays Blog.. But I tried really hard and I loved it! This destination was actually the lower part of our house! Its the Soho London home from Rebourne and there is this awesome subway tunnel and such below! We had an awesome time Doing the shoot. The Poses are from Glitterati, !bang and Purple Poses today.


 Whats On Mys:

Skin: Sorry.Asia Lana 2.0 New

Hair: Raw House

Lipgloss: Sorry.Asia

Eyeshadow: Action



Vest: Doppleganger

Backpack, Tie, Skirt and Suspenders: Action

Stockings: Izzies

Socks: Sey

Shoes: League

Bits and Pieces

Plugs, Necklace and Bracelets: Pepper

Glasses: Duboo Cupcake Glasses


Whats on Aya

Top: *ARAI* Stadium Jumper
Pants: [ JP ]:dsg. Broadly Pants v2
Shoes: 2REAL Pure

Hair: [Shag] – Rebel
Skin: -Sorry.Asia- KYLE

Glasses: ***Arisaris Glasses Colors and Flowers
Bag: *Action UNISEX Skater Bag

LOTD: Last Friday Night

20 Aug

I dont remember much about Friday Night.. Other then.. Whatever I did.. I landed up in Jail.. With only my undies on.. This was one..WILD Party.. Or at least I think I was at a Party.. Enjoy the Look and todays song is Last Friday Night From Katy Perry.. More pictures are on the Flickr! ❤ MystiCakes

Friday Night...

Skin Sorry Asia Lana *NEW*

Hair: Raw House

Tattoo Sleeves: Glue Ink

Tattoo Chest: Delusions

Bra and Socks: Action

Panties: Glue Ink

Bracelets, Plugs and Mouth Necklace: Pepper

Shoes: League

Poses and Cell from Glitterati