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Almost there…Thank You ALL!

22 Sep

I am so excited… As I write this little blog.. I am pretty proud of myself. I havent been blogging long.. Since March of this year.. And I see a small evolution in my photos as well as my avatar.. And today marks 9,905 views! WOW.. So close to 10000. As I hope that I hit that number this weekend. Its not so much the numbers of viewers. But more that someone took the time to stop, look and see what little bits of the world I covered. I am proud of all the things I get to show.. I do this for my self. For my love of dressing up.. Or dressing down. To show off something new.. Or revisit a store that might have been a favorite in the past.

I always say I cant wait to be a grown up blogger one day. And show tutorials and how to do things better.. But that will come in time.. The More I learn the better I will be able to show how to do things.. Todays look is something I have shown to friends and I love them.. They are not at Ultra resolution or shadows.. Just me running around SL as a Princess.. Thanks to Sasy and Whimsy who bought the Crown and encouraged my inner princess to shine thru! Thank you all for coming by my little blog that could every day… It means an awful lot!

Todays Look.. Is brought to you by.. Tee*fy, Elikatria, and The Secret Store! Body by.. Glam Affair! LOLS… Ignore my lack of an actual style card!

Today’s Song I have Played it before.. But its one of my Favorites.. Late Night Alumni “Rainy Days” Also there are more photos on Flickr!

❤ MystiCakes!


LOTD: This Doll’s Days are Numbered

22 Sep

Hello Its Thursday and I am so glad it is.. I wish it was Friday but I can deal with having a great Thursday! SO occasionally I do weird things.. I dress up in a manner that is ODD or well Awesome.. And this weekend.. I had some Inspiration.. My new Thigh boots from SLINK, and the awesome goodies Glam Affair Put out at Modavia! I put it all together with the FLF skin from Fashionably Dead… Hair from Boon.. My Padded Cell From Adorkables.. And other little goodies.. I am pretty excited about the turn out for This look!

If you havent been to Fashionably Dead GO! They have been on my NC for FLF for weeks and always offering up a skin. And this one is awesome. I love the runny makeup.. And dark lips. With Halloween around the corner.. This is a great time to pick up little things and store them for October.. You can totally dress up 31 days and no one will say anything..    I will Adjust the Style Card Later As I am on my way to work now but wanted to get this up before hand as the photos have been sitting @ Picnik.Com for 4 days!

I hope you enjoy today’s Look! Its one of my favorites. It reminds me of a Character from one of my favorite games. World of Darkness Changeling the Lost.. Every time I look at her photo I keep thinking of some broken Treasured Doll of the Spring.. or even Moon Court.. I am totally wearing my Nerd Card right now and I dont care! If you know about CtL then you can imagine why I think those things.. if you don’t know.. And would care to know Your welcome to IM me and I will totally tell you her story..  Todays song is…A Fine Frenzy Almost Lover There are More photos on my Flickr!

Skin: Fashionably Dead (past FLF)

Hairbase & Hair: Boon

Eyes: L*inc Blind Eyes

Eyelashes: Glow Black Dahlia Lashes

Dress: Glam Affair  Black Ruffled Dress *NEW*

Bra (undershirt?) Cheerno *MODAVIA*

Socks: The Secret Store *MODAVIA*

Boots: Slink *MESH*

Key: Antique Barrel Key *Marketplace*

Marionette Strings

Padded Cell and Poses: Adorkable

Earrings: BellBalls

Necklace: BOOM

Ballet Wraps (hands) Scribble (closed?)

Collar: Bubble

Alphabet Challenge: B is for Boho Chic

18 Sep

Its the Alphabet Challenge again! I loved B.. It was fun to put the things together.. Granted alot of it the colors started with B.. But No matter I heart it! This is the second shoot i did at The Pixel Bean CoffeeShop! I really think that is awesome sauce there. I cant wait to go back. Todays look features a skirt from League. It was new I believe last week. It comes in several colors and each skirt has options for tall or I guess average avatar. My normal everyday Height is super short so I still needed editing. So i added a resizer as its Mod. But be careful I had 2 pieces that were not connected so I had to edit it seperate. But other then that. I love the skirt. The bodysuit beneath it is from The Secret Store and it was and is my favorite item in my collection at the moment. So I am sure these little cable knit bodysuits will be in several looks coming up. I love it because in the fall Layering is the best option. And having this on beneath a sweater or another cropped shirt from the summer.

Pivaaca is one of my top stores for sweaters.. and this bolero is amazing! The Sculpt is beautiful the colors are rich and vibrant.. And  It comes in several colors today I am rocking the Brown but a favorite is the Teal. If you haven’t for some reason been to Pivaaca.. GO.. Go now! Today’s song.. Is Christina Perri “Black and Blue”

My Styling Card:

Skin: {FD} Bird FLF White

Hair: Clawtooth: Beg your Pardon

Hairbow: The Secret Store Knitted bow in Bamboo *NEW  @ Modavia

Glasses: Kik Megane B (40L!)

Eyes: Aphotic Gloom in Buttercup

Earrings: [Bellballs] Wanna see you Peacock

Necklace: SMS Big Bead Necklace

Sweater: Pivaaca Brown Bolero Sweater

Top: The Secret Store: Snow Bodysuit *NEW* Modavia

Skirt: League Nomad skirt in Brown

Shoes Sleepy Eddy Boston Sandal (you cant seem them.. but they are there!)

Books in Yo Right Hand by Nin Minuet

A Quick One

17 Sep

Soo I am a happy camper this weekend.. Lots of little ideas perking around in my head and I am hoping they are all photographed and edited this weekend! SO look out Peeps Mysti is on a Roll! This is just a quick look of the day. I went running around this morning and came across The Pixel Bean Coffee House  Its so awesome there. I had to take a few photos of myself.. As i wrote down new stores to go and look at for furnishing my own house. Ms. Harlow did an amazing Job.. I did two photoshoots there.. Look for B Challenge later tonight early tomorrow morning! For this look I mixed up some Mesh goodies, Modavia Happiness and some items in my inventory. So enjoy the Look. Make sure you go to the Pixel Bean Coffee House take a look around Have some coffee and kick up your feet.. Or even dance.. I noticed the dance ball but my hubby was nappin.. So i danced by myself..

Because in this Mesh Skirt by Jane.. I can do that! Ohh and on the Mesh front! I ❤ this Skirt. I ended up wearing the Petite. Jane has done great sizes. From Petie, Fair to Lucious there are other sizes Sorry I will get the sizes and put them in. What I really love.. Her items are very affordable. You can get 3 different pants for under 300L! She also has Cardigans, Dresses and Skirts. Soo grab a bit of Linden head down on your V3 Viewer and see what the hype is about. I do know some complain about the way V3 is set up.. And its hard to figure out but the Mesh Viewer by firestorm allows for alternative ways you use it. V3, Phoenix or Hybrid. I wont explain much because i mess up! Credits are below.. I cant wait for later to do those other looks!

Skin; Glam Affair Monica

Hair: Lamb Frosti

Top: The Secret Store

BodySuit: The Secret Store Modavia Free Gift

Skirt: Jane Maxi skirt in Truffle

Shoes: Ison (TFG)

Necklace: Glow

Poses: Glitterati Long Hair and Casual Male

52 Weeks of Color: Blue

16 Sep


Soo.. its been a while since I have blogged! I am so sorry guys. I will make sure to Blog at least 2 times a week. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will get this work schedule Down better and be more inspired to blog! But Fall is my favorite time of Year soooo I am hoping that I will be inspired as the weather cools and my sweaters can come out of hibernation! Now on to the good stuff! This week was Modavia Fashion Week. I wasnt able to go to the shows but I shopped and shopped.. I picked up great items from some collections and lots of great free gifts for being apart of the group. If you missed some of the looks on the feeds. Let me recommend you to some awesome Girls whom I heart that covered quite a few of the looks. Sasy and Anya did great views of this weeks looks. This weeks color was blue.. And when I saw The Secret Store’s Danae Dress.. I was off and running. This dress is beautiful. The sculpts are as always amazing.. The colors are so amazing.. I was in love..


Matching it up with my favorite handbag from Milk Motion as well as some awesome new shoes from Milk Motion. The Wood Shoe!  I love the socks on here! Its so cute and pairing it up with this dress.. Some knocked up socks from Doppleganger.. and Chelle’s neon eyeshadow from Collabor88. I had a winner! I hope you enjoy the look.. Oh and a side note.. there are little lyrics on the pictures today.. I was listening to Regina Spektor as I edited photos. And Aya likes the words on photos.. So there ya go! I am going to put Us by Regina Spektor down here today.. Enjoy it! Also there was some editing done today! I adjusted the lighting on the photos but thats it. I will put up unedited photos in the Flickr.So if you want to see it . Let me know. And as always Have a wonderful weekend! I have a the B Challenge this weekend as well as attempting to do something with the Hubby I am prepared to rock out as the Companion.. More on that later!


Skin: Glam Affair Monica Clean *NEW*

Makeup: Chelle Collabor88 *New*

Freckles: Minami

Hair: Shag

Dress: The Secret Store “Danae” *NEW*

Socks: Doppelganger Knocked up Socks

Shoes: Milk Motion “My wood Shoes” *NEW*

Handbag: Milk Motion Blue and Glitter

Nails: Tres Blah Polish

Earrings: Glow Petal (Old TDR)

Scarf: TokiDoki

Bow: The Secret Store Quarry *NEW*

Poses: Glitterati Purse and Ballet and TokiD (from Gatcha)

Alphabet Challenge: A is for Awesome!

10 Sep

Sooo I am a Challenge a GO GO ! Todays Challenge is the Letter A.. and let me tell you I was STUMPED!  I hated to rely on A stores.. But thats what It came down to for most of this look. I am promising that in the future I will work harder to bring some  more variety with the letters! But it will be next time! If you want to read more about the Challenge Go here! And Join in! If you dont blog.. Your welcome to just do pictures on Facebook or Flickr. I will be doing a Category in my Flickr to House the photos for the challenge! Now Onto the Look!

Skin: AMD Kat Nitro *NEW*

Hair [E] Again in Black 02

Jacket: Amerie Short Jacket 04

Dress Armidi Limited Cocktail Dress

Mstyle Alah Wedge

AMD Ultimate Lashes Lash Blast

Poses form !Bang

There are Additional Photos on my Flickr.  I am still playing with lighting and Shadowing with the new viewer.. I am pretty excited about DOF! The song for today is a oldie but goodie Maroon5 This Love

52 Weeks of Color: Grey

8 Sep

I had thought about the 52 weeks of color a few times as I see the feeds about them. But starting blogging just in March of this year. I was already behind. But when a friend, Anya began the challenge from the beginning.. I decided to jump on board! Sooo here I go.. I will attempt to do both Challenges.. The A to z and Color Challenge.. Stay tuned! I will also make A folder on Flickr to put all the photos in there!

Soo on to the fashion portion. Collabor88 is back! And so many great things there. I believe this month its Neon? I saw quite a few Neon options. I am excited . New Hair from Lamb ( wearing today) and Clawtooth, New skin from Illusory and some tops from Whippet and Buck.  If you do or dont like Neon head down anyway Lots of great options for everyone! It got a bit laggy for me..So I didnt get to get EVERYTHING! So I will be back later today. Todays Song.. Late Night Alumni: Rainy Days!

Skin: LAQ Mini in Milky No. 4

Eyeshadows: Kyoot Smokey Gray

Hair: Lamb: Girlfriend in a Coma in Ink*NEW*

Sweater: ISON Knitted grain sweater in Gray

Pants: Mon Tissu: 1929 Cigarette in Gray

Shoes: Fore  Flo Pumps

Earrings Bellballs: Trendy Tribal Earring- Snow Leopard

Necklace: Bellballs: Unlock my love- Silver

Belt: Mon tissu Seneca Threaded Leather Belt – black

Bag: Milk Motion: My Glitter tote bag in Grey/silver (one of my favorite bags!)

Bangles: AMD Contemporary Bangles

*POSES* Glitterati Purse!