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One More Quick Post/Look

30 Nov

Sooo today is our first Doctors Appointment.. Excitement and worry.. I am excited because another baby.. YAY.. and nervous because.. My last pregnancy.. I was sooo HUGE… I think I gained about.. 50 lbs.. And Zoey slid into the world at..8lbs 9oz in May.. And as our son was adopted.. I didnt gain any weight with him.. But already.. I am craving, Candy, Oranges and Soda.. All i want to do.. Is eat sleep and shop.. And I have .. Weeks ahead! I am excited to meet with our doctor..She is very nice.. I already have  a card full of questions for her..

My husbands Honey Do always long..If anyone ever asked him what he does in his free time.. he will probably tell you he has None! And its true.. And now with 3 small ones.. Daddys got building to do! Also trying to decorate a Guest room.. For Gamma to stay when she comes over. Soon the little ones will be crawling.. And the house needs to be baby proofed.. Goodness all this fun and we are raising 34 kittens.. My SLife is always full.. On top of this we have been hunting for a sitter..

Soo the sitter hunt.. Its been rather fun. except for the fact that .. I have found no suitable candidates.. One wanted 500L for 2 hours… another one was 60L per Hour.. But she had more bling then a rap video.. And it blinked.. And well bling is great.. but not when my daughter can pull at your earring.. or nipple rings?! Shakes head NO! Soo the search continues.. Maybe we just need to find a robot?

Todays Photo is Courtesy of my Hubby Aya..

What i am wearing:

Dress: Admiral Spicy

Sweater: Pivaaca

Stockings: D Select

Socks: Crazy

Boots: Fir and MNA

Hair: lelutka

Skin: LAQ

Freckles: Tres Blah

Lip Gloss: PF Elly


Baby Changing Table: Zooby

Bean Bags and Rug: The Loft

House: Funky Junk


Home for the Holidays

29 Nov

I got home.. and got a surprise.. My hubby had taken a picture of me and our house.. This look will be featured soon.. But for Now enjoy the sneak peak brought to you by my Hubby Ayasano

Getting ready for Xmas..

28 Nov

Soo this is my first Christmas as a Married woman.. And a mom.. All the excitement happening.. Redecorating the land to accomodate it all.. And happens.. it snows.. And I get distracted! It’s time for snowmen.. Let me say that.. Between building the snowman, checking on the two little ones.. And trying hard to not eat the carrot nose when hunger strikes.. It was alot of fun… Hopefully I surprise Aya with the snow man tomorrow. But since it was a long night.. And I have a 8 foot snow man.. I will probably sleep all day.. Well I say that but with two toddlers.. and one on the way.. I will wake up with requests for bottles and the need for crackers..

A special thank you to Winter Thorn of What next for the Review Copy of Parson the Snow man!

Today’s song is Let It Snow!

What I am wearing:

Hair: [e] Vivid – Midnight Blacks

Skin: LAQ – Ebba [Ivory] 02

Lips: [PF] Elly <Milk>

Freckles: L.Fauna Serious Freckles Pale

Sweater: Beetlebones Grandpa’s Argyle Sweater *MESH*

Shirt: Celoe

Pants: =Zenith= Garden Lowrise Jeans Wash Dark Blue

Glasses: Reek Park Shades

Earrings: Beettlebones Nugget Earrings

Shoes: [N] Moccasins

*Whats outside

Poses and Snow Man: What Next

Nordic Cabin: What next

Ice Skating Rink: What Next

Trees: Poetica from Mystic Home


Upcoming Changes to PrettyGirlRawk

28 Nov

So hello guys.. I am excited to say that the format I used in previous posts of a story with the blog.. In example Around the World blogs.. Will be coming back!  I look forward to the little stories to go with the looks.  So Please stay tuned for more Stories, And Adventures.. there Will also be a change in address for the blog coming December or January of 2012!

Is there anything that you would like to see upcoming? Leave me a message and let me know!

❤ Mystic

Date Night Vintage style

27 Nov

Soo Vintage fair is here.. If you are still debating on going.. STOP it is awesome. Lots of stores spread out with goodies galore! Check out some information here: There is a sim map with slurls, I had to use them two times for some to get to the store and not just the Landing Point. SO if your getting stuck. Try that. Or just wander around and check it all out!

Most of The items today can be found at the Vintage Fair, Asterisk Beside it shows it was purchased at the Fair!

Dress: PaperDoll *

Cardigan Riddle *

Hair: Shag

Skin: Mother Goose

Glasses Tres Blah

Necklace: Glow *

Shoes Slink

HairBow: AMD *

Look 2:

Skin Illusory Collabor88

Lingerie: Milk Motion*

Hair Shag *

Shoes Slink

bed and poses Glitterati

Candles: Lisp

Home: Poetica Mystic!

Back.. And Hunting

21 Nov

Hey guys! I am back with a look.. I am excited to be able to blog again! I am in love with all the new Mesh items that are popping up. Including the awesomeness known as Standard Sizing! Its always hard in real life to find our size from store to store a size 4 is not always a size 4. And thats the same for Mesh. In one store we might be a Small and another store its a large.. Trust me it happens!

Today’s Look is filled with Mesh goodies.. Leverocci is a store that is fairly new to me. I came across them at the Vintage fair for a second time and decided to take a look at their offerings. I have one small issue with it.. And maybe i could have avoided it by a demo.. The sizes were a bit off for me. None really fit quite right. The pants I am wearing in the blog did do alright. But the jacket I picked up didnt work as well for me.

I wont say to much more..Its getting late and I amhoping to take another photo for a look this week.. Getting back into blogging is slow but hopefully My break will make me a better blogger!

❤ MystiCakes

Skin MotherGoose
Freckles My Ugly dorothy
Hair Truth NEW!

Jacket: Mon Tissu NEW! ( Mesh)
Jeans: Leverocci Estate Jeans (NEW @Vintage Fair MESH)
Turtleneck FriDay (Previous FLF)

Shoes: Milk Motion Green Loafers (FLF)

Poses and GUN DFO ( Old Hunt Item)

(No animals were harmed during the making of this post)

My Absence and the immediate future

2 Nov

I am so sorry for the long absence. I have been preparing for a big move in real life and Finally signed for our new house this past weekend. With all hoopla of a new home. I am hoping to post here soon. I dont know when or how often in the next few weeks to months but With hope there will be something for you all to see new here at PrettyGirlRawk!


I love you all