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LOTD 12-26-11

26 Dec

SOOO its been a while since I posted.. Please forgive me! I mentioned in a prior post I was on trial with a little girl for adoption. Two trials later we found our perfect little Willowkins And I have been a bit busy with Willow, Christmas, and getting ready for our newest Addition Braxton ______ Serpente to come the beginning of the new year! The bigger I get the harder it is to find clothes! But I am learning to edit better and make things work and leave behind my love for Sculpts and mesh.. Or Have I?!

Todays Look features a great sweater I got at Fashionably Late and a MESH skirt! You heard me MESH! By Mon Tissu. Its great option for those that like a skirt and love mesh. They add a Mesh Panel where the skirt Prim used to go and it allows even us that are pregnant to wear mesh! And also my new favorite boots by Maitreya Another Mesh release.. And they have so many new releases down there.. Despite not being able to wear them right now I stocked up with my Christmas Lindens… Because soon after lots of Yoga and Zoomba I will be ready for those Leather Leggings by Maitreya! Enjoy these quick Flashes.. I hope your Holiday was beautiful!

Skin Al Vulo Sally

Lipgloss:  Pink Fuel Elly

Freckles: Tres Blah

Eyelashes: Glow

Hair: Lelutka Awe 2011/2012 Gift

Stole: Aoharu Gift

Top: Spirit Store Olya Fashionably late

Skirt: Mon Tissu Mini *MESH*

Tights: Kyoot

Boots Maitreya Radical Boots *MESH*


LOTD 12-9-11

9 Dec

Ok guys I am sorry this week has been soo busy .. We are having a trial for a little one named Kayden Grace.. Though we are pretty sure she is ours.. Its been a funk week.. More on that coming up later tonight or tomorrow.. Depending on how fast i can wrangle a 5 year old 2 toddlers and being preggo! Here is  a quick look of some new stuff ENJOY! Forgive me for the photo.. Kayden decided to pop in the last few.. with a better edit of the jacket..

❤ MystiCakes

Skin: Al Vulo May *Gift @ Winter Fair*

Lips: Pink Fuel Elly Gloss

Hair Lamb *NEW*

Jacket: Izzie’s New

Dress: Tres Blah Collabor88 December


Socks: Doppleganger

Shoes Mon Tissu

LOTD: Sunday Night

5 Dec

Soo this is a quick Look of the Day.. From Sunday Night.. It was pretty simple and cute.. I did it really fast this morning before work! I love this hair.. I have been waiting for this for like a month… When I got the note card I rushed over like so many others and grabbed the hair.. The new color packs are available I will try to remember to put something up later showing the color options available.

Hair: Vive9 NEW!

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Sally]

Scarf: Izzie’s Lazy Sunday Item 1

Sweater: (Dark Magic Expo)

Shoes: {SMS} Folded Boots Black

Socks: Izzie’s – Overknee Socks

Earrings: Bellballs

Jacket: (TokiD) floral jacket (dark grey)

Poses: Olive Juice and DJO

Saturday Snow Love

4 Dec

Soo Saturday was a good day.. Till I fell.. I guess thats why they tell pregnant women not to be quite so active .. But it was such a fun morning.. We went for a walk to the pond that froze over outside our house.. I went ice skating in my Pugs..I love these boots I practically have been living in them since i got them.. Sooo warm and cozy they are.. And this new coat from League?! SO toasty.. Keeps me nice and hot.. And it easily hides that little baby bump.. I wonder for how much longer!

The morning was spent playing outdoors.. He Carried me over to the ice skating ring and held me and let me pretend to skate.. As I am pretty sure its one of those Big no no’s to do while pregnant.. Along with Wearing high heels! Well it was beautiful.. UNTIL….

It Got ugly!. When someone beemed me with a snowball while I was turned around! I will be avenged! My husband likes to fight dirty.. But After a few select words.. He was able to realize that.. I was right.. And got down on his knees to say sorry.. But it took a bit of chasing and yelling before I was able to get him to submit to my will!

Playing in the snow with slick ice and having a bit of an issue with balance? Someone is always bound to get hurt.. This time it was me.. Between the slip and fall and the hours outside playing in the snow.. I am pretty sure I developed a cold.. and twisted my ankle.. Aya had to carry me inside the house I bundled up..  I hope our doctor makes house visits!

I blame him for the fall.. If he didnt beem me in the back of the head?! There would have been no retalliation.. no fall and no twisted ankle.


What I am wearing:

Skin” Cheerno 99Linden Sale Until December 11th

Red Cheeks: Izzie’s Baby its Cold outside

Freckles Tres Blah

Hair: Shag (Project Themory)

Jacket League Dark Winter

Jeans: Mon Tissu

Boots: Pugs in Fawn Argyle Anonymous  ( Thank You Swang!)

What Aya is Wearing:

Jacket: Sartoria LE Collection Styling NORTH

Jeans: AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Dark

Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Burren Boots

Glasses: ***Arisaris Glasses Colors and Flowers

Hair: [Shag] – Hard Day’s Night – Dark browns

Skin: [CheerNo]-DALLAS:Dark_Tan


1st Pose !Bang

2nd Pose: Olive Juice

3rd Pose:Izzie’s TOSL

4th Pose: Adorkable (POE4 Hunt)

5th Pose Couples Hud.. (Anon?)

What You see in the back!

House Funky Junk Odette ( Love it!)

Bridge Glitterati (free!)

Snow Pile’s , Christmas trees, and Ice skating Rink What Next (Thank you Winter!)

Friday Nights…

3 Dec

Last night was a typical Friday night.. Minus the doctor examining me.. With duck bills.. and a evil chair.. I did

not let Aya bring the camera in..As no one needs to see me in that horrid gown and the stirrups.. But after the appointment we rushed home for dinner and cuddles with the kiddos.. Before bed.. We flopped down in the over sized over primmed play room! My two babies.. Suck up so much prim.. With princess tea parties houses.. and rockets Goodness.. But I love them so I allow this over use of mommys prim..

Our little boy Alex.. He had a bit of a fit about his plush.. wanting his sisters instead of his own.. As you can imagine my little diva was not willing to share.. Much to the fit of her parents.. That little yellow bunny is all hers and she is not willing to give it up.. Unless there are rattles…  I have a feeling my Zoey will be a Maraca dancer when she grows up..

After bath.. and one last quick bottle.. It was time for bed… Alex was still fussing.. So we let him and Zoey Sleep together…

After they are finally sleep.. I am able to go down and enjoy the fireplace we just picked up at the Dark Magic christmas Event. I love all those cute little decorations.. My friend Winter sure has some talent! We cuddled and snuggled I had some eggnog . but dont worry that bailey irish cream is for the hubby not me.. Snuggling before the fire.. with such a cute man.. Who offered me a Massage?! I guess he feels guilty for making me build that bunk bed on my own! I am hoping guilt continues and i can milk breakfast in bed as well!

❤ Mystic

What I am wearing

Skin Leafy

Shirt Zooby

Sweat Pants: Fir and MNA

Feet SLink Mesh barefoot Feet

Hair Truth

*2nd Set of Photos Wearing Williow Unisex Red Pajamas

Zoey and Alex

Alex a red wooly jumper ( my husbands words not mine) from Velvet closet

Zoey And a outfit from Kadoozi

Both sets of pajamas are from

Furniture Featured from:



and What Next (Rug from Super Bargain Saturday 12/3/2011 and Fireplace is the Night before Xmas from Dark Magic Xmas)

Build all Night..Sleep all Day

1 Dec

Last night I had the doctors appointment! So great.. We Just focused on the birth plan.. And I asked my MILLION questions.. We have another appointment Next week I am Sure I will have plenty for then.. We have a due date.. After the Xmas rush.. And right at the beginning of the New year. Somewhere around that weekend.. We wont know for sure on just how many bundles of joy to be expecting.We wont find out till the 9th! at our first ultrasound..

The excitement of pregnancy, it gave me this desire to build.. SOOOO I did.. there is a store that I absolutely adore.. called I debated on sharing the name as I dont want a million babies in my Zoey and Xander’s clothes.. But I love the designer soo I will share..Its new to me.. And I love the soft fabrics and pretty colors.. and She surprised me with a box.. A Bunk Bed for the Kiddos Play room.. Its great if your pregnant and fall asleep playing with the kids.. And to lazy to move across the hall to  your own bedroom! After waking up with a severe craving for chips and ice cream.. I decided to build the bunk bed..

For anyone that is unaware? I am the WORST builder ever.. Usually my husband does this kind of manual labor.. But he was where? ASLEEP… my best friend Hannah? Sleep probably with her new and quite cute beau Pey.. I should have called my Mom.. But something tells me that Not being able to build? Runs in the family..So it is up to me.. to finish this oooo so cute bed.. And that I did.. But left over with quite a few screws? I hope that those werent to important.. I am pretty sure I put them in the spots that they were needed.. The instructions were a bit.. Iffy on some of it.. Juliet.. You have to put them in Mystic Language Next time.. I cant read ENGLISH!

The bed worked.. Because after spreading the Red Riding Hood Comforter and fluffing the cozy pillows.. I fell asleep on the bed.. Its so comfy.. But dont think just because I had that nap in the kids room my husband wont be giving me a massage later..

This bed is ONLY 75 Lindens at the store for Bargains for Baby I will add a Landmark..Its due out I believe Friday! Check out this darling store.. Such cute items I fell in love..

What I am wearing:

Skin Al Vulo Sally

Hair Kik Fine (50%)

Scarf TokiD

Dress Cynful Vintage Comfy ( Vintage Fair)

Stockings and Boots  Mon Tissu

Poses Purple Poses Lysie

For Larger Photos Check Flickr!