Hi! I have left this page blank for so long.. I forgot it was here.. Now I need to put goodies in here. I am Mystic.. A Fashion Junkie.. A straight Addict! I love to shop and put outfits together.. I started blogging in March when a friend showed me a Blog and I wanted to try it out.. And now almost 6 months later I feel as if I have grown quite a bit. I have begun to put different looks together almost daily. Usually taking Sunday off for a bit of a recoup for the week! 

My review Policy:

I will gladly accept any items sent. I do reserve the right to not show an item if I feel that it doesn’t fit my style. If you do send an item and its not blogged  that same day or even week please bare with me. I try to do things I like with in a timely manner but its not always the case.  As of August 2011 I have made every attempt to Post the Creator for everything from Skin to Poses. If you recognize a pose and its not listed Please give me a IM or NC or leave a message in a comment and I will gladly add it.

I do not bite in world! If you need a LM not listed.. Or have a question about a skin or anything you see in a blog. Please IM me! I love to help with anything I can .


2 Responses to “Mystic”

  1. Jason June 6, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    I was online looking for some inspiration for a tattoo that im getting. And in doing so one of your “punk girl in a hat 1” art work appeared and it was incredible. I am starting my own fashion publication in NY and i would love to feature alot of you work. As well as have it hung in my living quaters.

    you work is edgy rock retro and its f*ing AAAAAAAwesome…..

  2. katanalysette July 22, 2011 at 4:05 am #

    love the blog! 🙂

    swap links?

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