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52 Weeks of Color: Champagne

2 Jan

Hello and Welcome.. OMG Sooo First Week of the 52 Week Challenge.. And I am ready and Roaring to go.. The end of the year brought SO many changes.. My son Braxton was born.. Willow was Adopted.. And then the new year came and Resolutions were made and the hope of more growth came into the picture.. I am going to Be a Great Mom to my kiddos and a better Friend and Sister Blog More, even a bettter wife to my Husband.. Because lets face it.. We all want those changes every year..  Soo to start the New Year off with a BANG! the 1st of 52 Week color Challenge.. I restarted it a while back late but Never got around to finishing it.. So I wont promise to get every week this time.. But I am going to make lots of efforts to Catch as much as I can..

Today’s Dress is a one of a Kind.. It was made for me by my Friend Juliet Ducrot-Blackheart She is the owner of Ba.By which is one of my favorite baby stores on the Grid.. This dress is also my wedding dress.. I love it so much and was so excited that it popped up when i searched for Champagne in my inventory.. I am in my backyard today.. And the Windlight setting I used were from Luna. And let me tell you I love it.. It was so beautiful to use them. She had three up on her site I will put the link…. Here.. LoL Go there and get them..  Todays Poses are from.. Glitterati! If you have any questions about the the items in the Yard.. Message ME! Today’s song is “Right Next To You” by “Elizabeth & The Catapult”.

❤ MystiCakes

Skin Al Vulo

Freckles Tres Blah

Hair Lelutka

Poses Glitterati


Build all Night..Sleep all Day

1 Dec

Last night I had the doctors appointment! So great.. We Just focused on the birth plan.. And I asked my MILLION questions.. We have another appointment Next week I am Sure I will have plenty for then.. We have a due date.. After the Xmas rush.. And right at the beginning of the New year. Somewhere around that weekend.. We wont know for sure on just how many bundles of joy to be expecting.We wont find out till the 9th! at our first ultrasound..

The excitement of pregnancy, it gave me this desire to build.. SOOOO I did.. there is a store that I absolutely adore.. called I debated on sharing the name as I dont want a million babies in my Zoey and Xander’s clothes.. But I love the designer soo I will share..Its new to me.. And I love the soft fabrics and pretty colors.. and She surprised me with a box.. A Bunk Bed for the Kiddos Play room.. Its great if your pregnant and fall asleep playing with the kids.. And to lazy to move across the hall to  your own bedroom! After waking up with a severe craving for chips and ice cream.. I decided to build the bunk bed..

For anyone that is unaware? I am the WORST builder ever.. Usually my husband does this kind of manual labor.. But he was where? ASLEEP… my best friend Hannah? Sleep probably with her new and quite cute beau Pey.. I should have called my Mom.. But something tells me that Not being able to build? Runs in the family..So it is up to me.. to finish this oooo so cute bed.. And that I did.. But left over with quite a few screws? I hope that those werent to important.. I am pretty sure I put them in the spots that they were needed.. The instructions were a bit.. Iffy on some of it.. Juliet.. You have to put them in Mystic Language Next time.. I cant read ENGLISH!

The bed worked.. Because after spreading the Red Riding Hood Comforter and fluffing the cozy pillows.. I fell asleep on the bed.. Its so comfy.. But dont think just because I had that nap in the kids room my husband wont be giving me a massage later..

This bed is ONLY 75 Lindens at the store for Bargains for Baby I will add a Landmark..Its due out I believe Friday! Check out this darling store.. Such cute items I fell in love..

What I am wearing:

Skin Al Vulo Sally

Hair Kik Fine (50%)

Scarf TokiD

Dress Cynful Vintage Comfy ( Vintage Fair)

Stockings and Boots  Mon Tissu

Poses Purple Poses Lysie

For Larger Photos Check Flickr!