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Rouge and Mesh

8 Jan

Hello to all.. I hope your new years has been fantastic! I am bringing you a quick look I loved it.. It started with this skirt and then this hair.. It all fell into place and I was pleased as Punch to show it off to you all..

Skin: Al Vulo Sally

Freckles and Beauty Mark LAQ

Lashes: Redgrave

Hair Truth *NEW*

Lip Stick Pink Fuel Elly

Blouse: Pink Outfitters

Sweater: Tres Blah FFLF

Skirt: Maitreya *MESH*

Hand Bag: Mon Tissu *Group Gift*

Jewelry: League

Nails: Rezlpsa Loc

Glasses Tres Blah

Shoes: G Field

Poses from Olive Juice Mad Men Pack


LOTD: Greetings From the Lake

2 Aug

With so many great places opening up all over the Grid offering great designers at discounted prices there is no reason we should be running around SL looking a hot mess! LOL Chic Management Opened up for a great event called Fashionably Late. A lot of awesome designers are involved in the event . Shag, Vive9 and Line to name just a few. Also My Second Wardrobe just opened up with a new look. With more great designers, Al Vulo, Angel and Many more..  So todays Look is made up of alot of goodies! Al Vulo released Miha in Milky For MSW! I love this look Made up of all my favorite goodies. Oh these shoes.. i am sure you have seen all over the Feeds lately but I want to show you them anyway! Oh and I am so sorry for my photo quality today. I got a new job which I am rushing to get ready for and I wasnt paying enough attention! I will try to take some  better photos of this look tomorrow! Todays Song Lara Jansen Use Somebody

Greetings From the Lake
Skin: Al Vulo *NEW @ MSW*

Hair : Shag *NEW @ Fashionably late*

Freckles: Vive9 Sasha

Top: Vive9 *NEW @ Fashionably late*

Skirt and Belt: Mon Tissu

Shoes: Maitreya Gold *NEW*

Nails: Tres Blah

Piercings: HOD *HUNT Freebie*

Lashes: Glow

Necklace:  Glow: @TDRB

Around The World: Vacation in the Caribbean

23 Jul

Dear Hannah,

Since making peace with the werewolf.. We have been able to get along great! We even decided to go on vacation together! Its all well and fun until the werewolf busts a beach ball! The water in the Caribbean is beautific.. The Scenery is great. The company is alright.. But lord if he gets in the water.. The smell of wet dog.. Has never meant to much to me!  But We are having a great time. And I love bikinis! I have gotten a great tan and later I am going scuba diving! Tomorrow we are on the look out for fishies! Here are some pictures from Our Caribbean Vacation! Okk soo I feel so cute in my bikini.. I made fumble hands take a picture! If its a bit shaky bare with me.. Teaching a werewolf to click with his claws is time consuming!

Ok .. so i told you Werewolf boy.. busted the first beach ball! I cliped his claws after that.. And we were able to play on the beach! Look he is great except he always smacks the ball to hard! But I dont mind.. With him around the beach is pretty private!

After a good day at the beach we just relaxed.. The sand was starting to make me chafe so i rested on him.. He is a nice soft seat!

Well tomorrow we are going under the sea.. well at least I think so.. He m

ight scare all the fish away.. Maybe he will have to wait on the san

d and make me dinner!

Love You ❤ Mysti


Skin AL Vulo Pollon Tan

Bikini Boom Gatcha Gift

Hair and Flip Flops: Maitreya

Tattoo: Glue Ink *GSP& NEW*

>Mystic the Broken Hearted Gypsy

5 Apr

>I have wanted to be a gypsy since i was a little girl listening to Stevie Nicks singing Gypsy.. And thankfully I was able to fulfill that goal even it was just for a little bit. I can always look back at this.. and see the awesomeness of the day.. I will tell you that I have a wishlist the size of Texas.. And it doesn’t ever shrink only grow.. And Jesylilo Cat Skin and the Gypsy Tattoo have been high on my list for a LONG time.. And i am happy to say that I finally  have it in my “Favorite Inventory” spot  and i hope you all go out get it and become a gypsy even if its only for a few minutes..

What I am wearing

Skin Jesylilo Cat J1 in Tan
Tattoo is Gypsy Tatoface EyeLiner Only from Jesylilo
Hair Letluka Scarab Hair
Lashes: Label Mode Thick Lashes
Tank Top: Pig Plain Olivia
Jacket: Mon Tissu Porter Jean Jacket in Used
Necklace: Concrete Flowers Punarind Necklace
Face Piercing: Kowp Indulgence
Feet Coin Anklet
Neck Tattoo is “Je T’aime” Damned
Nails BJ Palette Black

Look 2
TB Mexican Peasant Dress in Aqua
Hair Maitreya Nadja
Eyelashes Label Mode Thik lashes
Flower is Clawtooth Flower Power in Festive Blue

Enjoy Gypsy By Shakira

>Mystic goes Gidget?

17 Mar


I am a fan of classic movies, the beach, surfing and anything to do with shopping.. I just remodeled my beach and fell in love with the vintage feel and This look is semi inspired by that look.. I went from Day to Night trying hard to keep the same theme! Also the first outfit is my take on what was in the Fashion House Magazine. I just switched up a bit and then I just fell down a Yacht Club Theme I really do hope you enjoy!

Here is what I am wearing
Look 1 Is the day time Chic 
Striped Cardigan from Tres Blah
Mia Shorts from Phoenix Rising
Aitui Stretched Elven Ears 
Mons Pearl Necklace Wenna Blue
Hair Clawtooth “Beg Your Pardon” Coffee
Skin JesyLilo jojo Tan
Shoes Pichi Lace Ballerina
Legwarmers  Gawk White Wool
Nails BJ Nail Palette in Skyblue (marketplace)
CDY Hairband in White Rose (Marketplace)
Makeup: BelBalls Cheetah Liner (discontinued)
Tank top Jane’s Intrinsic in Cream
Shirt L’Elite Lace/Top Sweater and Pants (Fashion House)
I decided to go to the beach later that day.. Meaning the yard outside my quaint little beach house. This look is so cute!
The Cute bikini i got at TFG  Mushie’s Saylor Girl
The Cute Sandals ar from Addictia
Skin is Jesylilo Jojo in Tan
Hair is Hilton by Raw House
Glasses are Optik in Aqua by Mons
Later that night i went and hunt out with my bestie Bo’Nana and I had to keep the theme going cause well it made me happy.. Cardigan came back on and a great little dress from MOn Tissu
Dress Mon Tissu Party Dress in Polka Dot
Caridgan Tres Blah
Gos Espadrilles in White
Hair is UMA by Matrieya 
Glasses are Optic in Red by Mons 
There was my Day and Night at the Beach I hope You all enjoyed the Looks!