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Going to War

4 May

Image I went and hung out with my bestie Bo’nana.. And It was war! noo JK but I had alot of fun putting this look together.. Some of my favorite pieces new and old and some special to me! Enjoy the photos More going up on my flickr tonight!

The skirt is a one of a kinda skirt from  Forever Young.You can pick up her jean mesh mini at the store. The top is a Previous 50L Friday item from Milk Motion. But I believe you can still get it for 50L at the main store. Just look for the door at the front of the store!


Skin Al Vulo

Face Paint S(and)P


Shirt : Milk Motion

Hair Magika

Belt: Pepper

Skirt Forever Young

Stockings: Erraditc

Gloves: Glue Ink

Arm Ribbons:


Necklace: Boom

Boots GOS

Socks Boom

Knee Bandaid Pekka

Arm Tattoos: Vestigum

Chest Tattoo S(and)P

Bra: Gawk

Belly Chain: Puncture


Going to War

3 May
Howdy! So I am sure this dress is ALL over the Feeds right now but I am going to bring it to  you guys one more time..LoL well anyway enjoy the look. The Poses and the guns are from Bounce this Poses. you get texture change guns and 4 sexy poses for 250L. Not a bad price for nice replica weapons and some hot ass poses.. I took the shots down at the Dead End RP sim. And I had to be quick so I wasnt raped! LoL enjoy the photos. I will post more on Flickr!
Skin Al Vulo from Whore Couture
Hair Burley
Dress One Bad Pixel (New)
Tattoos: Reckless, Glue Ink
Boots Gos
Socks League
Piercings Pekka and S(and)P
Ears Aitui

Doorway to Spring

29 Apr

My second Post for PGR and I am so excited! Keep in mind.. there will be a mix and match of styles, I tend to play in my wardrobe and cant wait to share it with you all. Now about the fashion Vive Nine released their Spring Summer collection here recently and I loved the dresses they use Mesh like a system Skirt which is fantastic if you want to pair the tops up with a sweater or jacket as I did. Because though we are moving into summer those Nights can get just a bit chilly!

This is my favorite Jacket its not Mesh but Mon Tissu Porter Jacket is always a staple in any SL closet!

The Slurls for now will be located on the side until we revamp the site and move them to their own page! so Look for that in the near future!

Skin: Lara Hurley

Hair Elikatria

Piercings Pekka and S(and)P

Lips Pink Fuel Elly

Hair Ribbon UFO (Collabor88 April)

Jacket Mon Tissu

Bangles: Ey:No

Dress Vive Nine ( mesh)

Necklace Tres Blah

Onyx Ring DDL

Nails Izzie’s

Freckles and Dimples L.Fauna

Belt Part of a Dress from Zenith

*Click the photos to Enlarge them*

Say Hello to Panda

28 Apr

This blog and a few others were posted on Panda’s Second Life. The Style Cards for the looks are located there! Please welcome Alyssa/Panda to PrettyGirlRawk.

This sexy outfit is NEWISH?! Its Part mesh and so sexy! Its from Apple May Designs and I ❤ It. It makes me feel Uber sexy and confident!

The style Card is at Panda’s Second Life

Rouge and Mesh

8 Jan

Hello to all.. I hope your new years has been fantastic! I am bringing you a quick look I loved it.. It started with this skirt and then this hair.. It all fell into place and I was pleased as Punch to show it off to you all..

Skin: Al Vulo Sally

Freckles and Beauty Mark LAQ

Lashes: Redgrave

Hair Truth *NEW*

Lip Stick Pink Fuel Elly

Blouse: Pink Outfitters

Sweater: Tres Blah FFLF

Skirt: Maitreya *MESH*

Hand Bag: Mon Tissu *Group Gift*

Jewelry: League

Nails: Rezlpsa Loc

Glasses Tres Blah

Shoes: G Field

Poses from Olive Juice Mad Men Pack

LOTD: Sunday Night

5 Dec

Soo this is a quick Look of the Day.. From Sunday Night.. It was pretty simple and cute.. I did it really fast this morning before work! I love this hair.. I have been waiting for this for like a month… When I got the note card I rushed over like so many others and grabbed the hair.. The new color packs are available I will try to remember to put something up later showing the color options available.

Hair: Vive9 NEW!

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Sally]

Scarf: Izzie’s Lazy Sunday Item 1

Sweater: (Dark Magic Expo)

Shoes: {SMS} Folded Boots Black

Socks: Izzie’s – Overknee Socks

Earrings: Bellballs

Jacket: (TokiD) floral jacket (dark grey)

Poses: Olive Juice and DJO

Saturday Snow Love

4 Dec

Soo Saturday was a good day.. Till I fell.. I guess thats why they tell pregnant women not to be quite so active .. But it was such a fun morning.. We went for a walk to the pond that froze over outside our house.. I went ice skating in my Pugs..I love these boots I practically have been living in them since i got them.. Sooo warm and cozy they are.. And this new coat from League?! SO toasty.. Keeps me nice and hot.. And it easily hides that little baby bump.. I wonder for how much longer!

The morning was spent playing outdoors.. He Carried me over to the ice skating ring and held me and let me pretend to skate.. As I am pretty sure its one of those Big no no’s to do while pregnant.. Along with Wearing high heels! Well it was beautiful.. UNTIL….

It Got ugly!. When someone beemed me with a snowball while I was turned around! I will be avenged! My husband likes to fight dirty.. But After a few select words.. He was able to realize that.. I was right.. And got down on his knees to say sorry.. But it took a bit of chasing and yelling before I was able to get him to submit to my will!

Playing in the snow with slick ice and having a bit of an issue with balance? Someone is always bound to get hurt.. This time it was me.. Between the slip and fall and the hours outside playing in the snow.. I am pretty sure I developed a cold.. and twisted my ankle.. Aya had to carry me inside the house I bundled up..  I hope our doctor makes house visits!

I blame him for the fall.. If he didnt beem me in the back of the head?! There would have been no retalliation.. no fall and no twisted ankle.


What I am wearing:

Skin” Cheerno 99Linden Sale Until December 11th

Red Cheeks: Izzie’s Baby its Cold outside

Freckles Tres Blah

Hair: Shag (Project Themory)

Jacket League Dark Winter

Jeans: Mon Tissu

Boots: Pugs in Fawn Argyle Anonymous  ( Thank You Swang!)

What Aya is Wearing:

Jacket: Sartoria LE Collection Styling NORTH

Jeans: AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Dark

Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Burren Boots

Glasses: ***Arisaris Glasses Colors and Flowers

Hair: [Shag] – Hard Day’s Night – Dark browns

Skin: [CheerNo]-DALLAS:Dark_Tan


1st Pose !Bang

2nd Pose: Olive Juice

3rd Pose:Izzie’s TOSL

4th Pose: Adorkable (POE4 Hunt)

5th Pose Couples Hud.. (Anon?)

What You see in the back!

House Funky Junk Odette ( Love it!)

Bridge Glitterati (free!)

Snow Pile’s , Christmas trees, and Ice skating Rink What Next (Thank you Winter!)