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Say Hello to Panda

28 Apr

This blog and a few others were posted on Panda’s Second Life. The Style Cards for the looks are located there! Please welcome Alyssa/Panda to PrettyGirlRawk.

This sexy outfit is NEWISH?! Its Part mesh and so sexy! Its from Apple May Designs and I ❤ It. It makes me feel Uber sexy and confident!

The style Card is at Panda’s Second Life


Build all Night..Sleep all Day

1 Dec

Last night I had the doctors appointment! So great.. We Just focused on the birth plan.. And I asked my MILLION questions.. We have another appointment Next week I am Sure I will have plenty for then.. We have a due date.. After the Xmas rush.. And right at the beginning of the New year. Somewhere around that weekend.. We wont know for sure on just how many bundles of joy to be expecting.We wont find out till the 9th! at our first ultrasound..

The excitement of pregnancy, it gave me this desire to build.. SOOOO I did.. there is a store that I absolutely adore.. called ba.by.. I debated on sharing the name as I dont want a million babies in my Zoey and Xander’s clothes.. But I love the designer soo I will share..Its new to me.. And I love the soft fabrics and pretty colors.. and She surprised me with a box.. A Bunk Bed for the Kiddos Play room.. Its great if your pregnant and fall asleep playing with the kids.. And to lazy to move across the hall to  your own bedroom! After waking up with a severe craving for chips and ice cream.. I decided to build the bunk bed..

For anyone that is unaware? I am the WORST builder ever.. Usually my husband does this kind of manual labor.. But he was where? ASLEEP… my best friend Hannah? Sleep probably with her new and quite cute beau Pey.. I should have called my Mom.. But something tells me that Not being able to build? Runs in the family..So it is up to me.. to finish this oooo so cute bed.. And that I did.. But left over with quite a few screws? I hope that those werent to important.. I am pretty sure I put them in the spots that they were needed.. The instructions were a bit.. Iffy on some of it.. Juliet.. You have to put them in Mystic Language Next time.. I cant read ENGLISH!

The bed worked.. Because after spreading the Red Riding Hood Comforter and fluffing the cozy pillows.. I fell asleep on the bed.. Its so comfy.. But dont think just because I had that nap in the kids room my husband wont be giving me a massage later..

This bed is ONLY 75 Lindens at the ba.by store for Bargains for Baby I will add a Landmark..Its due out I believe Friday! Check out this darling store.. Such cute items I fell in love..

What I am wearing:

Skin Al Vulo Sally

Hair Kik Fine (50%)

Scarf TokiD

Dress Cynful Vintage Comfy ( Vintage Fair)

Stockings and Boots  Mon Tissu

Poses Purple Poses Lysie

For Larger Photos Check Flickr!

LOTD: Mesh hits The Dressing Room

4 Sep

 Bear with me for the next few posts.. As I am attempting to learn my way around Viewer3 With so many beautiful mesh items popping up.. I feel excited to try them out.. But as many of you know.. I am still new to taking photos in SL And with Viewer3 There is alot of things i am not confident in doing.. SO the pictures might be rough the next couple posts.. But I am bound and determined to learn it and show you guys some awesome stuff. I have seen Mesh pop up on all of my favorite bloggers, From Juicy, Sasy and Luna. I am tired tonight but i promise tomorrow I will link all of these ladies so you guys can read more about mesh. For me.. Mesh is complicated.. I am built.. with small boobs and a big ass.. and i am short.. So mesh is complicated.. But i am willing to make some adjustments for beautiful items. This great little jumpsuit I am rocking tonight is from Hucci the great thing is.. You can get this at TDRB for under 100L! OMG! It comes in 3 sizes. Model for slender ladies, Curvy for those with a bit more in the chest, hips and booty department and average which is what Hucci usually sets their items at. I am rocking Average today.. I liked the Curvy in all spots but the bust. They include a great little Card on the shape information and hwo to best find a fit for you.  I definitely recommend reading some information and the note-card.. Trying on Demos alot of stores offer. Jane, Slink and many others are offering demos before you buy. And also there are alot of Free gifts from designers that started working on Mesh well before the Mesh client hit the grid. Oh todays song.. is Breaking it up by Lykke Li

Hair Truth *NEW*

Skin Al Vulo for GSP *NEW*

Eyeliner: Grixdale

Lipstick: Pink Fuel Elly Skins Vamp

Hand Tat Delusions for XYRoom

Shoes NCore Etoile

Outfit : Hucci For TDRB


24 Jun

Omgosh guys this hunt was right up our alley, we had so much fun with it!  There is tons of great stuff such as clothes, accessories,poses,and lots of other little trinkets to be had.  This hunt is well worth it and so much fun.  Here are some shots of the goodies there were lots more than you see in the photos; so def go do this hunt you won’t regret it!


Hannah’s Info: Everything except skin and hair came from Geekgasm

Mystic’s Info: Everything except the skin, hair and glasses came from Geekgasm

All Poses : Geekgasm

LOTD: Oh Sweet Cherry

23 Jun

SO TFG Opened up on Monday with new stuff from awesome designers! I am so excited about this look today! Its so cute and chillaxin.. Which seems to be the theme for PrettyRawk Wednesday this week. And.. I have to post this song. Foster the People “Houdini” its awesomesauce!


Skin AL Vulo! Bitu Paradise Bird Bronze (TFG 50L!!)
Hair Truth Astrid in Fire *NEW*
Innocent Eyelashes by GLOW

Freckles Tres Blah

Grey Tank and Jeans tulip Anodyne (TFG)
Tram Collar Long shirt in White *NEW*
[Pumpkin] Flip-flops *NEW*

CheerNO Femme Kamala Handbag (TFG)
~Pepper~ Chin Plug and England Plugs Small

Illusory Cherry Cordial Bunny Gatcha

LOTD: Jar of Hearts

14 Jun

I LOVEEE this look. It aws my Sexy fun look today. I got this dress at Niniko its a new one the Antique One Piece I got it in a blush color. I love it so much The Jar is from Adorkable Poses.. Enjoy your Day! And below I added the song..

Mystic Serpente!

arts.. the Prop is from there. I included the song down below! Enjoy the look and the song!

Skin: Al Vulo Elena in Pale
Hair Truth Miku
Tattoo Wicked Kat Von D
Tres Blah Freckles
and Porcupine True Love Stories tat

Niniko Antique One Piece Dress
Socks: H+K Gacha white and baby pink Candy socks.
Boots: CoCo Engineer Boots

Accesspries: Glow Lashes Clean thick 04
Boom Aranel’s Wings
Rezlpsa Loc Raven Nails


LOTD: Mystic Angel.. 70’s Funk!

6 Jun

So sunday night at Onyx the club I work at it was 70’s night..And nothing screams more 70’s to me then Charlies Angel! Soo in comes Mystic Monroe.. I cite that as i loved Jill Monroe from Charlie’s Angels! I ❤ this Look.. It was easy to do with the help of some of Lelutka’s new hair Biggest in a powder Blonde color.. My aviator  glasses! Hope you enjoy the Look I know i rocked it hard all night! Oh and I added my favorite 70’s song from the Bee Gees More then a Woman.. Down below..

Love Mysti!

Skin Al vulo Elena Pale
Lipstick Glam Affar Nina Lipstick Tattoo 03
Tattoo: Freckles Tres Blah
Lelutka Biggest Hair in Powder

Top Emery Top Tie Agnes in Nastur
Jeans Aoharu bow Wide Denim Pants
Shoes Mstyle Rivea Pumps in Orange Flowers

Necklace: Fishy Strawberry brown Wood Choker
Bracelets and earrings League Wanderer
Emery: Sunglasses Aviator #Sunset