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Rouge and Mesh

8 Jan

Hello to all.. I hope your new years has been fantastic! I am bringing you a quick look I loved it.. It started with this skirt and then this hair.. It all fell into place and I was pleased as Punch to show it off to you all..

Skin: Al Vulo Sally

Freckles and Beauty Mark LAQ

Lashes: Redgrave

Hair Truth *NEW*

Lip Stick Pink Fuel Elly

Blouse: Pink Outfitters

Sweater: Tres Blah FFLF

Skirt: Maitreya *MESH*

Hand Bag: Mon Tissu *Group Gift*

Jewelry: League

Nails: Rezlpsa Loc

Glasses Tres Blah

Shoes: G Field

Poses from Olive Juice Mad Men Pack


LOTD 12-26-11

26 Dec

SOOO its been a while since I posted.. Please forgive me! I mentioned in a prior post I was on trial with a little girl for adoption. Two trials later we found our perfect little Willowkins And I have been a bit busy with Willow, Christmas, and getting ready for our newest Addition Braxton ______ Serpente to come the beginning of the new year! The bigger I get the harder it is to find clothes! But I am learning to edit better and make things work and leave behind my love for Sculpts and mesh.. Or Have I?!

Todays Look features a great sweater I got at Fashionably Late and a MESH skirt! You heard me MESH! By Mon Tissu. Its great option for those that like a skirt and love mesh. They add a Mesh Panel where the skirt Prim used to go and it allows even us that are pregnant to wear mesh! And also my new favorite boots by Maitreya Another Mesh release.. And they have so many new releases down there.. Despite not being able to wear them right now I stocked up with my Christmas Lindens… Because soon after lots of Yoga and Zoomba I will be ready for those Leather Leggings by Maitreya! Enjoy these quick Flashes.. I hope your Holiday was beautiful!

Skin Al Vulo Sally

Lipgloss:  Pink Fuel Elly

Freckles: Tres Blah

Eyelashes: Glow

Hair: Lelutka Awe 2011/2012 Gift

Stole: Aoharu Gift

Top: Spirit Store Olya Fashionably late

Skirt: Mon Tissu Mini *MESH*

Tights: Kyoot

Boots Maitreya Radical Boots *MESH*

Back.. And Hunting

21 Nov

Hey guys! I am back with a look.. I am excited to be able to blog again! I am in love with all the new Mesh items that are popping up. Including the awesomeness known as Standard Sizing! Its always hard in real life to find our size from store to store a size 4 is not always a size 4. And thats the same for Mesh. In one store we might be a Small and another store its a large.. Trust me it happens!

Today’s Look is filled with Mesh goodies.. Leverocci is a store that is fairly new to me. I came across them at the Vintage fair for a second time and decided to take a look at their offerings. I have one small issue with it.. And maybe i could have avoided it by a demo.. The sizes were a bit off for me. None really fit quite right. The pants I am wearing in the blog did do alright. But the jacket I picked up didnt work as well for me.

I wont say to much more..Its getting late and I amhoping to take another photo for a look this week.. Getting back into blogging is slow but hopefully My break will make me a better blogger!

❤ MystiCakes

Skin MotherGoose
Freckles My Ugly dorothy
Hair Truth NEW!

Jacket: Mon Tissu NEW! ( Mesh)
Jeans: Leverocci Estate Jeans (NEW @Vintage Fair MESH)
Turtleneck FriDay (Previous FLF)

Shoes: Milk Motion Green Loafers (FLF)

Poses and GUN DFO ( Old Hunt Item)

(No animals were harmed during the making of this post)

Lumos and I

10 Oct

I  just thought to let you all know that the blog will be going thru some changes in the next few weeks! Sadly I am not able to do any Daily posts and Lucky if i am able to do something on the weekends.. With moving in less then 3 weeks and Holidays I am hoping to do 2-3 a week and thats going to be pushing it! But I hope that the Looks I do will be amazing enough to have you all still stick around with me. I have been in a fanciful stage the past week.. With work on my new land.. My hubby bought me a parcel for our anniversary and I have spent upteen lindens working on it and getting it pretty and its now my happy Arcadia.. Its pretty and awesome I think so anyway.. We also built a graveyard, campfire and tea house.. My land is quite busy and full.. And Maybe a little laggy.. So most of the pictures for a while Will be shot there!

SOOOO todays look is so cute and easy! Beetle Bones released some great new mesh items.. We will be seeing alot of these all over the place I am sure because they are amazingly well done and have awesome sizes! I love mesh.. I love mesh more when it actually fits me! With Beetlebones there are an array of sizes from XS all the way up to Large so there is something for all of us.. or at least most. I was happy to find myself in a size that worked! And then more awesome releases again these stores will be all over the Feeds and My next few looks for a reason.. Simply amazing. I for one have been waiting for what feels like forever for Maylee Oh to release the new fall collection for and Out it Came.. OMG the colors and styles are amazing.. The Collections is fantastic and If I say so myself is great for mixing and matching all over the place!

Todays Look.. Features Great Pieces from Mon Tissu who also released more fall looks.. Mesh and Non Mesh items for us to enjoy! I will post more going over the happiness there next post! Today’s song.. Wolf and I by Oh Land!

Body: Mother Goose Yu III

L.Fauna Serious Freckles

Eyeshadow: Chelle Dusty Soft Pink

D Select Natural Eyelashes


The Secret Store Puffy blouse in Honeysuckle *NEW*

carf: The Secret Store Tube Knitted Scarf Nougat *NEW*

Shorts ::BB:: Zolin Aztec Hotshorts Taupe *NEW*

Socks: The Secret Store Pink Rose Socks *NEW*

Shoes: Mon Tissu Sloane Pumps Caramel *NEW*


Bunny ears BK Bunny Ears Full Lop

Violin Case Bag Gacha

Kitty: Kittycats Lumos

Hair Bow : The Secret Store- Knitted Hair bow in Honeysuckle

A Quick One

17 Sep

Soo I am a happy camper this weekend.. Lots of little ideas perking around in my head and I am hoping they are all photographed and edited this weekend! SO look out Peeps Mysti is on a Roll! This is just a quick look of the day. I went running around this morning and came across The Pixel Bean Coffee House  Its so awesome there. I had to take a few photos of myself.. As i wrote down new stores to go and look at for furnishing my own house. Ms. Harlow did an amazing Job.. I did two photoshoots there.. Look for B Challenge later tonight early tomorrow morning! For this look I mixed up some Mesh goodies, Modavia Happiness and some items in my inventory. So enjoy the Look. Make sure you go to the Pixel Bean Coffee House take a look around Have some coffee and kick up your feet.. Or even dance.. I noticed the dance ball but my hubby was nappin.. So i danced by myself..

Because in this Mesh Skirt by Jane.. I can do that! Ohh and on the Mesh front! I ❤ this Skirt. I ended up wearing the Petite. Jane has done great sizes. From Petie, Fair to Lucious there are other sizes Sorry I will get the sizes and put them in. What I really love.. Her items are very affordable. You can get 3 different pants for under 300L! She also has Cardigans, Dresses and Skirts. Soo grab a bit of Linden head down on your V3 Viewer and see what the hype is about. I do know some complain about the way V3 is set up.. And its hard to figure out but the Mesh Viewer by firestorm allows for alternative ways you use it. V3, Phoenix or Hybrid. I wont explain much because i mess up! Credits are below.. I cant wait for later to do those other looks!

Skin; Glam Affair Monica

Hair: Lamb Frosti

Top: The Secret Store

BodySuit: The Secret Store Modavia Free Gift

Skirt: Jane Maxi skirt in Truffle

Shoes: Ison (TFG)

Necklace: Glow

Poses: Glitterati Long Hair and Casual Male

LOTD: Mesh hits The Dressing Room

4 Sep

 Bear with me for the next few posts.. As I am attempting to learn my way around Viewer3 With so many beautiful mesh items popping up.. I feel excited to try them out.. But as many of you know.. I am still new to taking photos in SL And with Viewer3 There is alot of things i am not confident in doing.. SO the pictures might be rough the next couple posts.. But I am bound and determined to learn it and show you guys some awesome stuff. I have seen Mesh pop up on all of my favorite bloggers, From Juicy, Sasy and Luna. I am tired tonight but i promise tomorrow I will link all of these ladies so you guys can read more about mesh. For me.. Mesh is complicated.. I am built.. with small boobs and a big ass.. and i am short.. So mesh is complicated.. But i am willing to make some adjustments for beautiful items. This great little jumpsuit I am rocking tonight is from Hucci the great thing is.. You can get this at TDRB for under 100L! OMG! It comes in 3 sizes. Model for slender ladies, Curvy for those with a bit more in the chest, hips and booty department and average which is what Hucci usually sets their items at. I am rocking Average today.. I liked the Curvy in all spots but the bust. They include a great little Card on the shape information and hwo to best find a fit for you.  I definitely recommend reading some information and the note-card.. Trying on Demos alot of stores offer. Jane, Slink and many others are offering demos before you buy. And also there are alot of Free gifts from designers that started working on Mesh well before the Mesh client hit the grid. Oh todays song.. is Breaking it up by Lykke Li

Hair Truth *NEW*

Skin Al Vulo for GSP *NEW*

Eyeliner: Grixdale

Lipstick: Pink Fuel Elly Skins Vamp

Hand Tat Delusions for XYRoom

Shoes NCore Etoile

Outfit : Hucci For TDRB