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Going to War

4 May

Image I went and hung out with my bestie Bo’nana.. And It was war! noo JK but I had alot of fun putting this look together.. Some of my favorite pieces new and old and some special to me! Enjoy the photos More going up on my flickr tonight!

The skirt is a one of a kinda skirt from  Forever Young.You can pick up her jean mesh mini at the store. The top is a Previous 50L Friday item from Milk Motion. But I believe you can still get it for 50L at the main store. Just look for the door at the front of the store!


Skin Al Vulo

Face Paint S(and)P


Shirt : Milk Motion

Hair Magika

Belt: Pepper

Skirt Forever Young

Stockings: Erraditc

Gloves: Glue Ink

Arm Ribbons:


Necklace: Boom

Boots GOS

Socks Boom

Knee Bandaid Pekka

Arm Tattoos: Vestigum

Chest Tattoo S(and)P

Bra: Gawk

Belly Chain: Puncture


LOTD: Dirrty at GSP

10 Jul

So like I promised a few days ago when we posted the first looks of GSP that there would be more! This session is chock full of goodies for boys and girls! I bought as much as I could! lol.. Anyway here is another look all from GSP! Take a ride down and check it out! Todays song.. Dirrty by Christina Aguilera!



This Skin is the GSP from Candy Doll. I love how sweet and sexy it is.. The tongue is a GSP item from Pekka.. its a GSP exclusive so get your tongue Pierced ASAP! The only items that are not GSP are my Lashes which are Glow. And my Socks which are from Sey!