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One School Bunny

17 Oct

Hey guys! I am happy to show off todays look.. it will be a quick post As I am still at work But i wanted to show these off! Some awesome goodies I picked up from My favorite stores! Crazy released this new sweater the Cozy Cardi and its so awesome! I love it and have seen it all over but could not resist pairing it up with this great dress from SMS. Which is also a recent release!

Mesh Hair is at Lelutka! Done amazingly well this long hair style is near perfect! I love the hint of roots with even the darker hair. this is a rigged Mesh item which means there are no editing allowed so Hopefully it fits you as well as i hope it fit me. I would suggest using an ear alpha if you need a bit to cover. I used mine from Elikatria which is my go to Ear Alpha! My human ears hidden but my bunny ears are looking for play!

The items in this shoot are from two awesome stores. I will have to insert the Land Mark in for you  guys as i am sure i will spell the name wrong. its Johandez (sp?) A small store but stock full of goodies all thru out the store! And the other items are from LISP! If you ever come to my house you are guaranteed to find at least a dozen items from Lisp. What I love about that store is that no matter what you’re looking for.. Urban, Grunge, Victorian or Whimsical you can find something at Lisp.   I have always wanted to do a bit of showcasing of homes or at least my wide array of homes in SL..let me say my 60k Plus inventory is 10k in home items. Its one of my favorite things to do and lately i have slowly shown off different bits and pieces and cant wait to show off more of my home and such coming up. Todays song is Coldplay : Yellow

Skin: Pink Fuel

Hair: Lelutka *NEW* MESH

Dress: SMS

Cardigan:  Crazy *Cozy Cardi*

Boots: Mon tissu *MESH*

Curtains, Chaise, Rug Lisp

Door with Clouds, Bench, Bookshelf Johandez (LM COMING)

Poses:  MP Books and Glitterati Beautiful (4.44.444 Event)


One Scared Bunny…

15 Oct

Hello! SO a few days ago a Post came across with a Sneak Peak for todays Post. I am soo excited for Halloween. As I spoke before there will be a contest for a awesome one of a kind Prize! Aya (my hubby) is hard at work making a special prize which I will show in the coming week! And it can be yours for a comment or Note Card in world about Great places to visit in Second Life. You can leave the comment below today’s Post! The place you recommend does NOT have to be your home.. It can be any place in SL you find to be scary.. or Haunted or just awesome for Halloween Fun!

Soo todays look.. has a bit more Theatricals then I normally use. But all were done in Picnik and were just fun little textures and effects to make the photos more scary or well at least more fun and amusing!


Skin: Pink Fuel Elly In Milk

Hair: Lamb: Frosti

Bunny face: Jesylilo

Bunny ears: Black Kettle ( marketplace)

Cardigan: Tres Blah

Dress: Petticoat Lane Romance Dress# 8 *NEW*

Stockings Le Poppycock Gatcha

Shoes: Mon tissu Sloane pumps in tomato (tinted)

Necklace: Pepper Jesus necklace *NEW*

Sneak Peak and a Contest!

13 Oct

We are so excited for halloween in SL this year! Sooo excited that we will be doing a silly little contest. looking for halloween Slurls in SL. Soo here how it will work. leave a comment below or send a NC in world to me with the Slurl of a Halloween Haunted House, A graveyard and anything that is Halloween related. If your Location is chosen You will get a Prize! We arent sure what the prize will be but i am sure it will be something fun and cheap! So if you have a SLurl Submit it! And get ready for halloween Fun!

Coming up One Journal Bunny

12 Oct

Ok so todays look.. Is one of my favorites in a LONG time.. I will have to say that  the fall looks out lately have made me wish I lived in a cooler area so I can bundle up and be cute warm and enjoy the change in trees and the nip in the air. But sadly I live in the Desert and soo I will be wearing shorts till January.. At least In real life..

Today’s Look my hubby calls my 1950’s Reporter Bunny! I  know I said it before but the fall collections at some stores are amazingly interchangeable. Mixing and matching between the stores always allows us to pick up a piece here and a fatpack there. Anyway enjoy the photos! They are edited today! I put them in Picnik and used Sepia to make them all old-world and awesome! Pairing it up with this great Camera from Nylon Outfitters!  in love with bunny ears.. I am always wandering around in my ears and tail.. And I encorparated it into this weeks looks. I found Burley hair and have worn it a few times and I love them and this is a older style from them but non the less amazing. The top is from Coco and they are still having a great sale soo go down there and pick up some awesome goodies.  The Jacket is apart of Mon Tissu’s fall collection.. And can I say  “I LOVE IT” the sculpts are amazing and lovingly done.. I paired it up with a skirt from the new collection at The Secret Store..

Skin: TB” Dewy Skin Collabor88

Jesylilo TaatoFace Bunny Face

Eyeshadow: Chelle Dusty Soft Pink

Freckles: L.Fauna serious Freckles


Jacket: Mon Tissu Wool Blend Jacket *NEW*

Hat: Feather Wrapped Fedora

Skirt: The Secret Store Pencil Skirt Charcoal *NEW*

Socks: The Secret Store Lace knit socks – Nougat *NEW*

Shirt: Coco Bow Shirt Black

Shoes: Mon Tissu Sloane Pumps Carmel *NEW*


Tres Blah Cat Eye Glasses

Nylon Outfitters Hand Held Nyloniflex

Furniture: Chair and desk and Prints above Lisp

Cabinet Kosh

House: Baffle

More photos on Flickr! Todays song… Oh and I White Night

Lumos and I

10 Oct

I  just thought to let you all know that the blog will be going thru some changes in the next few weeks! Sadly I am not able to do any Daily posts and Lucky if i am able to do something on the weekends.. With moving in less then 3 weeks and Holidays I am hoping to do 2-3 a week and thats going to be pushing it! But I hope that the Looks I do will be amazing enough to have you all still stick around with me. I have been in a fanciful stage the past week.. With work on my new land.. My hubby bought me a parcel for our anniversary and I have spent upteen lindens working on it and getting it pretty and its now my happy Arcadia.. Its pretty and awesome I think so anyway.. We also built a graveyard, campfire and tea house.. My land is quite busy and full.. And Maybe a little laggy.. So most of the pictures for a while Will be shot there!

SOOOO todays look is so cute and easy! Beetle Bones released some great new mesh items.. We will be seeing alot of these all over the place I am sure because they are amazingly well done and have awesome sizes! I love mesh.. I love mesh more when it actually fits me! With Beetlebones there are an array of sizes from XS all the way up to Large so there is something for all of us.. or at least most. I was happy to find myself in a size that worked! And then more awesome releases again these stores will be all over the Feeds and My next few looks for a reason.. Simply amazing. I for one have been waiting for what feels like forever for Maylee Oh to release the new fall collection for and Out it Came.. OMG the colors and styles are amazing.. The Collections is fantastic and If I say so myself is great for mixing and matching all over the place!

Todays Look.. Features Great Pieces from Mon Tissu who also released more fall looks.. Mesh and Non Mesh items for us to enjoy! I will post more going over the happiness there next post! Today’s song.. Wolf and I by Oh Land!

Body: Mother Goose Yu III

L.Fauna Serious Freckles

Eyeshadow: Chelle Dusty Soft Pink

D Select Natural Eyelashes


The Secret Store Puffy blouse in Honeysuckle *NEW*

carf: The Secret Store Tube Knitted Scarf Nougat *NEW*

Shorts ::BB:: Zolin Aztec Hotshorts Taupe *NEW*

Socks: The Secret Store Pink Rose Socks *NEW*

Shoes: Mon Tissu Sloane Pumps Caramel *NEW*


Bunny ears BK Bunny Ears Full Lop

Violin Case Bag Gacha

Kitty: Kittycats Lumos

Hair Bow : The Secret Store- Knitted Hair bow in Honeysuckle

LOTD: Someone Like You

1 Oct

Soo As i was doing yesterdays blog. I was as always listening to music.. And searching for the song for it a new song popped up.. Someone Like you by Adele.. I love her.. this song is poignant and just amazingly shot.. I felt the need to share the song.. Todays look.. is very much inspired by the song.. But I have no skills with photoshop. So they are unedited. Minus what I can do in Picnik. I went to Paris France and shot there. The photos are I feel pretty awesome! I am still playing with my Windlight Settings.. But I hope that  you can get a feel for both the video and the sim.

I have an intense love for the new dress at Fishy Strawberry! Its got such character and makes for a great top! Pairing it up with this great skirt from League.. Lends this look to a more Gypsy Feel. Which is one of my favorites. Pairing it up yet again with a scarf from the new Fall line at TokiDoki. I was excited to remember that I had got this great hair do from Letluka 2 weeks ago Jolie. It matched the style worn in the video perfectly.

So as always there will be additional photos on Flickr. The song will be Someone by you by Adele.  The Style Card is featured Below! If you need any LM’s please hit me up inworld! Enjoy your weekend!

❤ MystiCakes

Skin: Tres Blah

Hair: Letlutka Jolie *NEW*

Freckles Tres Blah

Top: Part of Fishy Strawberry Suede and Wool Dress

Skirt: League

Scarf Tokidoki

LOTD: Lonely Nights

1 Oct

I am soooo sorry guys.. I have been a fail at blogging the past few weeks.. I have been so wrapped up in new things here and there.. That the blogging has taken a back burner to everything else. With H:YS opening. The hubby starting school again and RL work becoming a bit more crazy… Its been a bit hard.. But these are all silly excuses you didnt come here for! You came for the LOTD! SO this weekend I have to looks to show you as of right now! This is the first.. Its simple and organic? I dont know if an outfit can be termed organic but if It could this one would.. I love these new cardigans from Tres Blah… And if you  haven’t been.. You are missing out!

Tres Blah really went all out for this collection. The cardigans are warm and sweet with the touch of boy at the elbows. There is so much awesomeness in this collection.. I cant begin to tell you all about it here today! The skirt is from D. Select it comes in two versions. Flexi and Sculpted. I wore the Sculpted a few weeks back and i love that but for a more loose fitting skirt i chose the flexi. This hair is from Burley I love the new hair store I found it last week when at FLF I saw it on a girl after asking her where it came from I rushed to the store.. Bought it all.. then came back for seconds when the new releases came out!

Todays song: Snow Patrol “You could be happy” Check at the bottom!

More photos will be put up on flickr soon! (it was down tonight… )

❤ MystiCakes

Skin: Mother Goose Ruka

Eyeshadow: L Fauna

Eyelashes Natural lashes (apart of skin pack)

Teeth layer: D.Select Emma (skin Pack)

Skirt: D.Select Hippie (flexi)

Bodysuit: The Secret Store @ Modavia

Jacket: Tres Blah Boyfriend Cardigan *NEW*

Hair: Burley Noel *NEW*

Scarf: TokiD Scarf from my aunt

Ears: Pera Droopy ears

Poses by Marukin “Pacha”